As a destination that every traveller includes in his bucket-list, Bali, repeatedly steals the show with its coral-speckled beaches, breathtaking rice-terraced landscapes, ancient temples and glamorous 5-star resorts. The island's diverse landscape works as a charm for nature lovers who will find themselves from exotic,white-sand beaches to lush, tropical rainforests.

To enjoy the best of Bali, whatsoever, you will need a place to stay. Here comes on the stage a 5-star beachfront hotel found on the Southern part of Bali, in Nusa Dua, called Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali. Convenient location, premium facilities, and world-class spa, what else? Let's find out how is life in one of the best resorts on the island!

Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali for families, couples & groups of friends

Since we are talking about an all-inclusive resort, it's usually preferred by families and groups of friends. That doesn't mean that it's not frequented by couples. On the contrary, many couples choose Grand Mirage Resort for their accommodation, usually staying at the Main Wing, which is less frequented by families. Most families stay at the Family Paradise!

A room type for every traveller!

Premiere Ocean (New Deluxe Ocean)

Further endorsing the hotel's family-friendly attitude, all rooms, suites and apartments of Grand Mirage Resort's can host at least 4 people. Premiere Garden (New Deluxe Garden) is the most affordable room in the resort, even though, we would highly suggest you prefer the Premiere Ocean (New Deluxe Ocean) which might be a little more expensive but the view is more than worth it. If you want the best from your accommodation, you should opt for Ocean View Suite, which is also reasonably priced considering its quality.

3 Bedroom Ocean View Apartment

Regarding the Family Accommodation options, they are plenty and diverse. From the humble 2 Bedroom Suites, to the not-so-humble 3 bedroom pool villas, the resort's high quality is embodied in all of its services and facilities. Special props to the gorgeous Girls Suites, painted in every girl's favourite colour - pink. This room might overlook the garden, however, it is a perfect option to stay with your besties, listening to Dua Lipa's "New Rules".

Thalasso Spa: the power of seaweed and seawater!

Did you know that the composition of your blood plasma is almost identical to seawater's? Well, we did not know it either before Thalasso Spa. These guys know what they are doing and it's obvious even by looking at their website. It's very exciting to think that each therapy or treatment was included in the menu for its own unique reasons.

Healing with water shall be achieved through a range of hydro therapies. The menu includes from short 15 minutes showers and baths to 50+ Minutes of Special Massages. In any case, you will feel refreshed whichever treatment you choose. Next comes your body treatment and it can be achieved through a series of diverse therapies.

The body massage menu includes all popular massages including French Massage, Balinese Massage, Drainage Massage, Detoxifying Massage, Stone Massage, and other relaxing treatments. Next come the body exfoliation treatment, for which you can choose to be scrubbed with various spices, green beans, sweet chocolate, avocado, coconut & sesame, island fruits or the luxurious Pearl & Shea Butter.

Last but not least, the 25 minutes wraps are more than enough to make sweat a little and remove the toxins from your body. Of course, don't forget to try one of the gorgeous facials, especially the one with French Seaweed, you are going to love it!

Food that makes you never wanna leave!

Asian cuisine might be too much for many stomachs to handle. This is not the case when staying at Grand Mirage Resort and Thalasso Bali. The food options are so many that after 5 days of exclusively eating in the resort, you cannot comfortably say that you have tried all that the hotel has to offer. Every American -and not only- will drool when hearing about Rama Live Entertainment and Jukung Grill on the Beach. How does the Roasted lamb shank with saute vegetables and baby potatoes sound to you?

Visiting Bali to try Indian? Totally possible. Bumbu Delhi is curated by the super passionate Indian Chef whose goal is to turn all visitors to Indian Food Lovers. Well, who can resist to a juicy tangy roll stuffed with lamb mince and Julienne Capsicum, onion, tomato and Indian Spices? Indian sounded crazy to you? Wait to hear this! La Cascata Restaurant (Rebranding soon to Julie’s Italian) takes it a step further and it's goal is to bring to your table genuine Italian Cuisine with a rich menu of pasta, pizza, antipasti, main dishes.

The most iconic Asian Cuisine, Chinese, is also available at the Chopstick Chinese Seafood Restaurant. In a traditional setting, you will get to enjoy authentic Chinese dishes and seafood, all eating with chopsticks, of course. Last but not least, Ibu Kitchen serves local dishes that are use only fresh local ingredients, served in an Indonesian buffet and a la carte menu.

Hypnotizing view of the Indian Ocean!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at Grand Mirage Resort. Shortly after a relaxing session at Thalasso Spa, you are resting at your room's private terrace, enjoying the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean, with your favorite cocktail on one hand and your best book on the other. This is how your days at  Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali will flow. Peaceful, relaxing and fulfilling.