Searching for the next hotel trends and creating hotel collections that help travelers make their best booking decision is almost an addiction, for TBI! As Summer 2019 is just a breath away, and June & July are peak months for Summer Travel Searches and Beach Hotel Keywords, TBI’s team has kept track of 2019's hotel trends and is about to create amazing hotel collections that even the most demanding travelers in search of the ideal hotel, resort, or even a villa to spend their 2019 dreamy summer holidays will be inspired by.

Studying valuable data that Google offers through Keyword Planner and Google Trends as well as Travel by Interest's inside data, a new campaign with the "Best Summer Hotels for 2019" will be launched soon, helping hoteliers and travelers come closer to the "summer holiday dream". But if you are a hotelier, before reaching out to the "beach addicted" travelers, it is vital to ensure that you have created an enhanced "beach hotel experience" for your future hotel guests. For that reason, Nikos S.Morantis, co-founder of Travel by Interest, shares his thoughts about "The Must Dos for a Modern Beach Hotel to create a Sustainable Summer Experience" in a special article for TBI's Blog, that will help you make your hotel a "beach rock star" at a more responsible way!

Below you will find:

  • What TBI has recorded about 2019 Summer Hotel Trends.
  • What Does TBI'S special Hotel Summer Campaign Includes.
  • What type of hotels can fit in this campaign.

Before we continue: How are the Collections created?

TBI uses an intelligent system that first-hand analyses hotel Information & photos, Social Media Activity & Reviews creating a shortlist with the most suitable hotels for each collection topic. The final selection is always made by Real People ensuring the high quality and accuracy of each Collection. Travellers can always book directly at the hotel from the connected booking engine or visit the hotel's official website for more information from the exclusive button.


Beach Hotels rock the demand with more than 300.000 related searches per month providing a real opportunity for hotels.

It appears that travelers are in real need of “beachside relaxation”, as the demand of beach related keywords is currently on the rise. Choosing only high-potential keywords, TBI has discovered more than 300.000 searches, indicating an opportunity for hotels to receive more bookings, by targeting a high-quality audience, that’s ready-to-book!

Our research has highlighted broader searches like Best Beach Hotels and All Inclusive Beach Resorts but also keywords that indicate the exact location of the hotel like Beachfront Hotels, On the beach hotels or hotels with a beach view. With deeper research, it's obvious that US destinations receive a great number of searches, with beach-hotel related keywords like Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotels in Florida presenting a whopping number of 49.000 searches per month. In the meantime, the keywords like Santa Monica Beach Hotels in California indicate the huge need for Americans to relax by the beach.

In addition to the US Beach Hotel Trend, countries like Thailand, Mexico & Italy, have a real dynamic trend for "Beach Resorts in..." showing the travelers interest in enjoying these wonderful destinations’ “beachlife”. But, what about renowned beach destinations like Greece and Portugal, who are not found among these hotel search trends? Our research focuses only on the hottest trends based on global searches made through Google. Targeted, destination-oriented research however indicates that new opportunities have come forwards with potential for destinations like Greece and Portugal.

For Greece, we found popular keywords like Greece Beach Resorts and Greece hotels on the beach receive more than 3.000 searches per month highlighting the country's great potential. Simultaneously, keywords like Portugal Beach Resorts, Portugal hotels on the beach receive almost 5.000 searches per month, once again showcasing that travellers from around the world have similar "search habits".

Inspired by these trends, don't miss out on reading "The 10 types of hotels on the beach you should have in mind before you book" that our Sales Executives, Stella Zeniou & Josephine Suri, recorded during their research in Asia & Europe.

Special Hotel Collections that will be created by Travel by Interest related to "beach hotel search trends" with high potential:

1. Best beachfront hotels & resorts you should stay in 2019!
2. The All Inclusive Beach hotels your should visit this summer!
3. The Best Beach hotels in Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Portugal & Indonesia (exclusive collections)
4. The beach view hotel rooms you should wake up at least once in your life
5. Hotels on the beach that will make your summer special!
6. Dreamy Luxury Hotels on the beach around the world
....and many more!!!

Travellers can find their favourite hotel in the special collections and book directly at the hotel's connected booking engine or visit the hotel website. If you want your hotel to be included in the collections, send an e-mail at Ms. Luisa Sargioti at who will help on this matter!

Travellers are struggling for new Ideas in regard to their Summer Holiday Destinations & Hotels: Alternative keywords like Mountain Summer Holidays create new opportunities for hoteliers!

During Summer, Beach hotels is the obvious search trend, but through further research, we have found that there is a large number of travelers who search ideas to help them decide their next summer holidays. Keywords like summer holiday destinations and summer hotels hotels reach almost 6500 searches per month, creating great opportunities for more bookings. Even with their limited search volume, these keywords still indicate alternative travelers, seeking their ideal summer holiday in your hotel; Of course, this means that you will have to provide a more convincing, unfaulted answer as to why your hotel is perfect for their upcoming summer holiday. 

But this not only an opportunity for hotels near the sea, but also for hotels who are located on mountains as well. Our research has shown that about 500 people per month are looking for "Summer Mountain Vacations". Even with that small search audience, this super specific inquiry has huge potential, reflecting an extremely high possibility for bookings. But for a request like that you should definitely take a leaf out of our young bright editors’ article his article about "Summer Mountain Vacations Defined in 1000 words".

TBI ready to create the most advanced Summer & Beach SEO Content:

Our editors are already on fire, creating some of the most amazing articles on the summer & beach related keywords we found that have the greatest potential. Hotels can join these articles connecting their own booking engine and getting a link to their website or can even ask for a full optimized article for their own hotel blog. Speak with Mr. Paris Sklavos at and discuss the potential for Hotel SEO content for your own property.


In order to spread the word about the top Summer Hotels & Resorts, TBI will run a global campaign to promote dynamically its special Hotel Collections and give travelers hotel inspiration for their summer holidays. As the Gay Niche Market is one of our strongest ones, extra special efforts will be made to reach this dynamic travel community through collaborations with popular gay media and influencers. Also, as Travel Agents are looking for reliable and consistent information about hotels, Travel by Interest will collaborate with Hotelier Academy, one of the fastest growing B2B media in the hotelier industry, promoting a selected collection of Summer Hotels that stand out for the experiences they offer! 

The Hotels that will participate in the campaign will be:

  1. Promoted in special optimized Summer & Beach Hotel Collections that gather ready to book travellers.
  2. Presented in Hotel SEO Articles that target popular keywords that beach lovers search.
  3. Given optimised articles for their own hotel blog supporting their own organic results.
  4. Featured in the special Articles about "Summer Gay Holidays Ideas" that we will publish in one of the the top UK Gay Media platforms, Gay Star News
  5. Included in special beach & summer hotel collections in Hotelier Academy, reaching Travel Agents & Hospitality Professionals.

All the above contribute to an advanced Hotel SEO Campaign that will not only boost its organic benefit from search engines this year but will also guarantee a hot promotion to travelers who are looking real time to book a hotel that matches their criteria.

If you think your hotel can stand out in the TBI's Summer campaign, please contact for more details