A few days ago, Travel by Interest’s new identity was launched. Isn't it fresh?!  

And while we are still exploring the new era, Travel by Interest takes the next step and announces its new Christmas Campaign.

The reborn platform is full of surprises. After its innovative update, through which a brand-new design and some of new features were released, Travel by Interest is in the mood for Christmas and the festive spirit matches perfectly with the new aesthetics.

Exciting Christmas Content

Travel by Interest’s team, created a special section in the platform, dedicated to the holiday spirit. In this special page, can be found amazing articles inspired by Christmas. There, Travel by Interest’s editors will present themed articles in order to present the festive side of hundred hotels around the world.

But Travel by Interest is not only a content generator tool. Part of the new identity is the creation of hotel collections, that allows visitors to find their hotel by navigating through the destination’s hotel collections.

Unique Festive Hotel Collections

In this Christmas spirit, Travel by Interest’s experts will create several hotel collections with a sole purpose to spread the Christmas mood. Unique hotel collections are expected to fill Travel by Interest’s special page, with several themes such as the best hotels for Christmas on the beach or the top luxury the top luxury hotels in Europe for Christmas.

But these were just a small part of Christmas Campaign. Travel by Interest’s team is preparing many wonderful and festive things that can be found in the platform’s special page.

Travel by Interest's Christmas mood is exciting, isn’t it?

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