Have you heard about the story of Paxos? Paxos is a captivating island located on the Ionian Sea. It's actually the biggest island of the Paxi Island Group, and among the few Greek Islands that you will see a green landscape with trees anywhere you go.

According to a legend, the island of Paxos is actually the creation of Poseidon. Trying to impress Amphitrite, he threw his mighty trident at the southern tip of Corfu, creating the charming island of Paxos.

After 400 hundred year occupation of the island by the Venetians, you can clearly see their impact on the local culture and architecture. With dense groves  filled with gnarled and ancient olive trees, traditional oil presses and hidden villages scattered through the island, trekking will become your favorite activity (after swimming, of course).

However, we are not going to talk about Paxos Island in general, but more importantly about one of the few remaining fortified manor houses on the island, which is actually the hotel called   Torri E Merli.

Torri E Merli; The Story

A historical hotel built in 1750, Torri e Merli used to be the home of the Papamarkos family, and it's now actually among the very few remaining fortified manor houses on Paxos Island. Its name means Turrets and Crenelations, which mirrors the architecture of the building.

The hotel is surrounded by olive groves and it is very close to the pretty fishing village of Lakka. It's characterized by its excellence of services, and great design that matches with the destination. But... what makes it great for the gay, gastronomy, luxury and wellness travelers?

We have collected some special features of the hotel, and we have included tips and information for every travel category!

Accommodation for Gay, Gastronomy, Luxury & Wellness Travelers!

There are 7 types of suites in the hotel which are characterized by the Venetian aesthetic creating a romantic ambiance in each of them. Each suite gives you a unique experience to remember, so many of the travelers actually visit the hotel multiple times and choose to stay in a different suite every time.

Rosa Canina - The Queen of the Rooms!

Rosa Canina is the biggest room of them all and the most luxurious one. Its name comes from a species of wild rose which is known for its antioxidant properties. The room is fully equipped with all the luxurious facilities including a king size bed, a living room area, marvelous views over the seas and a marble and glass bathroom.

Narciso - The Suite of Endless Beauty!

Narciso Suite takes its name from the flower of Narcissus. This flower is said to sprang from the blood of a young man renowned for his beauty, who saw his reflection in the water, fell in love with it, and killed himself. The room also features a king size bed, a living room area, a marble and glass bathroom and beautiful views over the sea.

Melograno - The Room of the Lucky Ones!

Melograno Suite took its name from the pomegranate fruit, which used to be a symbol of good luck, fertility and love in the ancient times. What makes it stand out from the other rooms is its bedroom, which is located in the old Venetian tower. 

Ranuncolo - The Vibrant Colorful Room!

Ranuncolo Suite took its name from colorful flower that blooms every spring in vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. The feather filled pillows and duvets, the marble and glass bathroom with shower, and the garden view terrace will surely offer you a pleasant and relaxing stay.

Discover more Suites of Torri E Merli here!

Greek Cuisine with a pinch of Luxury!

Torri E Merli is the home of a restaurant and a cafe. The hotel's restaurant serves gourmet dishes which are based on the Greek cuisine, creating a unique and more personalized food experience for the visitor. You can either choose to take your dinner at the gardens or by the pool.

What comes to compliment your meal is none other than a fine selection of wines, but the superb service of the restaurant will excite you as well. Pretty confused on what to try? The most distinguished dish on the menu? Ask the hotel's staff and they will help you find dishes closer to your tastes.

Veranda Cafe is located in the garden's central terrace and it is a great place to relax, have a nice cup of coffee in the morning, or even pass by for a snack during the day. It's also where you will take your breakfast, which includes traditional recipes that are made only with fresh local ingredients.

Torri E Merli was recently included among the top boutique style hotels in Greece that every traveler should include in his bucket list in 2019.

Zen Spa - The Absolute Getaway in Nature!

Zen Kiosk is located in the middle of the olive grove, surrounded by stone terraces and perfumed gardens. Whether you want to experience a full body relaxing massage with refined perfume oils or to enjoy a special body and face glowing and rejuvenating treatment. Torri E Merli has everything for you, all you have to do is to call them.

Your wellness experience will not be limited at the grounds of the hotel though. Paxos Island is one of the few islands with so much green on it, so you should cherish it, leave your car behind, and discover the island on foot or on bicycle. A map will be enough to help you navigate through Paxos island, and just like that, you will discover the most beautiful beaches and hidden hotspots, that you would normally ignore!

Because Luxury Derives from Tradition!

A true luxury traveler knows that luxury is not about gold and money, luxury derives from the experiences that you gain through the time, and this type of luxury is what stays in your heart and accompanies you through the ages. This type of luxury you will find in Torri E Merli as well.

Featuring a romantic, chic and yet traditional environment, Torri E Merli creates the perfect environment to relax and get away from all these tiring flashy lights. Take a walk at the stunning Venetian streets of the nearby town, or sunbath and relax in a nearby secluded beach. These are experiences to remember!

The Guest's Privacy is at Utmost Concern!

As a hotel with self-respect, Torri e Merli knows very well how to protect its guests and their privacy. The hotel has made sure to keep positive people for its staff, and there is no place for negative and hateful behaviors in the hotel.

This, of course, has made it a beloved hotel by the gay community, with more and more travelers choosing to visit it every year. During your stay stay in summer, you will notice that many gay couples stay in the hotel, as well as some gay families.

There are not any gay places nearby the hotel, however, there are various secluded beaches nearby where you can relax and swim. There are very few night entertainment hotspots in Lakka, but they are all gay-friendly!

Concluding, we would like to add that Torri E Merli is a great hotel to stay for everyone who appreciates art and tradition, either you are single, a group of friends, a family or a couple. The best time to visit the hotel is from June to September, when the weather is the warmest in Greece and the beaches are warm enough to swim. You will notice that sun is prominent on the island all time of the year, even during the winter.   Check Availability at Torri E Merli Here!