If you’re planning a visit to Australia, you’ve definitely noticed that it’s not really a bargain destination. To begin with, you need to fly to get there, which significantly increases the expenses. Also, finding great accommodation comes at a price, which only adds to the overall expenses. Still, having a luxurious vacation Down Under is possible, if you plan carefully.

Choose the right time to visit

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You may think that the whole country enjoys the same climate, but nothing can be further from the truth. Namely, Australia is a vast country, only slightly smaller in land mass than the US. So, just like there are many different climate patterns in America, Australia enjoys the same privilege. This means that the best time to visit depends greatly on what you’d like to do and see during your stay. Generally speaking, you need to be aware that weather patterns in Australia are the opposite when compared to the Northern Hemisphere and the further north you go, the warmer it is in the summer.

Choose the right region

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If you have a clear idea of what you’d like to do Down Under, your next step should be to choose the right region. The south, which lies outside of the tropics, is where the major cities are and you can count on four distinct seasons. The coastal tropics, on the other hand, boasts two distinct seasons: the wet and the dry one. The latter stretches from April to November and offers a lot of sunshine. If you’re planning to visit Uluru, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations, get ready for Australia’s interior, with scorching temperatures in the summer and freezing winter nights. So, the spring and fall are probably the best seasons if you wish to enjoy milder weather.

Organise transport

Again, depending on your destination and starting point, you’ll have to choose among seven international airports. Find the one that has direct flights to your city if possible, to avoid changing flights and having a long layover. Since you’ll experience jetlag, make sure you hire transport from the airport and also make arrangements for your transport to the airport for your return flight. If you’re leaving from Sydney, hire experts in luxurious and comfortable Sydney airport transfers to be sure you’ll get there on time and in style.

Travelling around

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Again, if you wish to travel around this amazing continent, your best and most comfortable option is definitely the plane. If you can commit to fixed dates, try to book your local flights as soon as possible in order to save as much as you can. Apart from the seven international airports, there are many local ones as well, so travelling should not be a problem. You can also rent a car with or without a driver, so if that’s your favourite way of getting around, you can choose among a number of reliable companies offering luxurious transport around Australia.

Train transport is another option, since the network is well-developed and all major cities and towns are well connected. Check out Australian rail companies and their online offer and enjoy a very convenient and scenic way to explore this amazing country.

Lizard Island

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Australia boasts thousands of island, with the Great Barrier Reef area alone being home to some 900 of them. Some are accessible only via a chartered plane, such as Lizard Island, which is a national park with a 40-room resort on it. The island has 24 private beaches you can explore and enjoy, while a gourmet lunch in a restaurant with a view of the ocean will surely help you feel relaxed and satisfied. This is truly a great way to enjoy some peace and quiet and in a beautiful environment.

Australia is like no other country. The diversity of cultures, climate and people coupled with very interesting history makes it the perfect destination for your holiday. Seeing it in style will only improve your experience and you’ll probably start planning another visit as soon as you return from your trip.