Hotel Collections were the star of the reborn Travel by Interest. After only a few days of its release, hundreds of hotels are already added into some unique Hotel Collections. Here is a complete guide on how TBI Experts choose the hotels that will feature these special Hotel Collections.

The Checklist

In each category, there is a different checklist for a hotel to be added. This checklist has some standards for each type in order to ensure that all the hotels fulfill the criteria. 


The wellness checklist contains basic wellness facilities like gym, spa or organized indoor and outdoor activities as a minimum of conditions in order for a hotel to be added in the wellness category. The Romanos, a Luxury Collections Resort is a great example of a hotel that is featuring its destination's wellness list.  

Tip: You can always book directly with the   Romanos' booking engine.

The Opinion of our Experts

TBI Hotel Experts check the hotels one by one in order to decide in which collections they will be included. Their opinion is really important as they decide whether or not they will accept a hotel in a specific hotel collections.


In the Food Hotel lists you will not only find hotels with great restaurants which is something expected, but you will also find simple B&Bs with spectacular breakfast that can ensure a great culinary experience. See for example Kefalari Suites, a small hotel with luxury suites in the suburbs of Athens, that offers a unique breakfast to its visitors. 

Don't forget to book your stay with the   Kefalari Suites' booking engine.

The Destination

One more important factor that affects the criteria is the destination itself. Hotels differ based on the local culture and that’s why we have to adjust the criteria in some cases.


A hotel in Crete with a jacuzzi and a massage room cannot be added in the Wellness Category as the typically hotels in Crete have spectacular spa facilities. On the other hand, a hotel with the same facilities in Santorini, could be included in the wellness category as hotels in Santorini have limited size of spa facilities since they are built on the cliffs of the caldera. A great example is Canaves Oia Hotel, a luxury hotel built on the Caldera Cliffs that features great wellness facilities.

And if you are planning your next vacations in Santorini, see the availiability using the   Canaves Oia's booking engine.

The Photo Shooting

Photos are the most important tool in order to present a hotel and a hotel experience. Our experts pay serious attention in the hotels' photo - shooting as photos are the most effective way to present the hotels.


If there is a real luxury hotel, but with a bad photo - shooting it will be rejected from the luxury category, as we believe that the presentation and the feeling of the anticipation is part from the luxury experience.