The redesigned Travel by Interest introduces the special Christmas Campaign with the purpose to upsurge the hotels’ sales during this period. Staying loyal to its new identity, Travel by Interest released some original and very impressive Christmas content to share with its audience. 

Discover Travel by Interest's Christmas Blog 

Initially, Travel by Interest’s editors, created two fascinating articles that can be found in the platform’s blog section. The one, under the title “Why spending Christmas in a Hotel could become a lifetime experience!”, is all about how you can enjoy your Christmas holidays in a hotel and have a lifetime experience, and the second one, entitled “How to Choose your Festive Hotel for Christmas and New Year’s Eve” is a guide on how to choose the perfect hotel for spending your Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

How to choose the perfect Christmas Hotel

Travel by Interest’s experts collected also the best festive hotels, they organize them by theme and they present them in some special hotel collections. These hotel collections will help travelers to discover their ideal hotel by exploring among others the best "Luxury Christmas hotels in Europe", the "Best hotels for sunny Christmas", "Hotels in Alps for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations".

Two unique blog articles and several Christmas themed hotel collections are the best way to reveal the Christmas hotel experience and help hundred hotels around the world to increase their direct sales by uncovering their festive side.

Amazing Hotels that Travel by Interest loved this Christmas!