A place when time stops and everything around you starts moving slowly. Always on the spotlight for luxury vacations and honeymoons. For many a dream aspiring to become their reality. You can call it the Maldives, or better, the on-earth Paradise.

The Maldives experience is deeply connected with pristine white-sand beaches, luxury 5-star resorts, extreme water activities, and romantic dinners on the beach. To experience the extraordinary; this is why many couples choose to spend their honeymoon on this Paradise-on-Earth.

One of the "peculiarities" of Maldives is that your experience will be shaped within a single resort. Picking the right one for your honeymoon could become quite tricky, since there are so many of them offering sweet packages impossible to ignore.

So, we decided to help you narrow your research to one fantastic resort on the North Male Atoll. This swanky, romantic and fabulous place that we simply adore, is called Gili Lankanfushi, and with this guide we will try to help you discover the best way to spend your honeymoon while staying there!


Leave your shoes behind & relax!

Upon arriving to the Maldives, you will be welcomed by your hosts and guided to a super comfy speedboat that will transfer you to the resort. Before entering the speedboat, you will be asked to take off your shoes and begin your tranquil, barefoot honeymoon in the Maldives.

When on the speedboat, you will be provided with refreshments that will cool you down as you reach your own Garden of Eden (15-20 mins). 

After your short trip, you will be gracefully greeted by the hotel’s staff, with their big smiles making you instantly feel cozy and welcome. Your dedicated Mr. Friday (your personal host, named after Robinson Crusoe’s loyal assistant), will guide you around the resort as he accompanies you to your room.

Did you know that touching the earth barefoot can improve your health? It's a technique called 'Earthing', and it’s scientifically proven that it helps achieve better health.

And just like that… Your Maldives Honeymoon has begun!

A feeling of excitement and intimacy will overwhelm you as you enter your Gili Lagoon Residence for the first time. This impressive 2-floor over water villa will immediately set you in a mood for exploration. Upon entering, you will come across the living room area, featuring a traditional Maldivian design with wooden furniture and flooring. In the middle of the living room, the clear glass floor will allow you to see the water under the villa! 

Stepping outside, you will find yourself in your private sun deck (the place where you will most probably spend most of your vacations in the Maldives). The sun deck is endorsed with catamaran nets, sun loungers, daybed, a private water hammock and, of course, direct ocean access.

Surprise your partner with a colorful bouquet of flowers, bed decoration and a glass of champagne upon your arrival, to set a romantic mood for your honeymoon!

Moving further into the Residence, you will find a small kitchenette as well as your villa’s super cozy and spacious bedroom area. The bedroom area features a king-sized bed, a desk, and a beautiful sofa by the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the endless blue of the ocean.

On the other side, you will find the semi open-air bathroom with infinity tub with big windows, that allow you to gaze at the blue ocean while taking a bath. Keep walking, to find the separate glass walled shower area, accessed by an open wooden bridge. There, you will find your Residence's private water garden!

Arrange a romantic bath with rose petals and champagne overlooking the ocean, in your own Villa or at Meera Spa!

Lastly, you can head to the upper floor and discover the little surprise that Gili Lankanfushi offers to couples: a private rooftop terrace with stunning views over the turquoise Maldivian waters and the resort. The small bed on the terrace can give you unforgettable nights with your partner overlooking the stars!

Romantic Honeymoon Activities in Gili Lankanfushi

In the sanctuary where time stands still, you will live once in a lifetime romantic experiences, specially crafted just for the two of you.

▸ Dine under the stars

Unforgettable dinners under the stars; this is what Gili Lankanfushi is all about. You can choose to take your dinner in any spot of the island you desire, or choose one of the 8 exquisite locations around the island, exclusively picked by the hotel. It will just be you, your personal chef and the stars!

Feel like eating light or are you into seafood? No matter what your dining preferences, your personal chef will cater to any of them. You can actually customize your menu or leave it to the hotel's judgment. Either way, you will be amazed! 

▸ Sunset Dhoni Cruise

Set sail towards the beautiful sunset in a wooden dhoni for two. Enjoy the silence and tranquility that awaits when you drift from the shore. Drink to your future over flutes of champagne, and embrace a future of beautiful experiences. Let this experience become a landmark of your relationship!

▸ Jungle Cinema

Are you cine-fans? Watch a movie at the stunning jungle cinema and see how romance can be found even in the most common experiences. During the move, the hotel's chef will serve you a delicious dinner which you will enjoy at a tropical environment.

We are sure that a jungle experience as such, will last in your memories forever.

▸ Dolphin Cruise

Escape to the rooftop aboard a luxury yacht. With champagne and canapés in hand, and the wind rustling through your hair, go in search of swirling Spinner dolphins in the exquisite sunset light.

▸ Sleep under the stars

As you lie down on each other's arms, watching shooting stars and spotting constellations, you will wish that this moment lasted forever.

▸ Designed just for you

You are on your honeymoon and you most probably want to do everything. However, make a gift to yourselves and try the “Designed Just For You” wellness experience. This 3-hour customized spa will allow you to choose treatments and massages of your choice, and create your own personal journey.

A real-life dream experience!

This is how your Honeymoon will most probably go by at Gili Lankanfushi. In the end, you will feel like waking up from a very sweet dream that you wish it would never end. Worry not, as you can always come back to Gili Lankanfushi and re-live your honeymoon as if it was your first time!   Click here and start scheduling your trip right away!