First off, locations don’t get much better than this. With an imposing mountain backdrop, the magical lake-side city of Lugano is sure to win your heart. Switzerland’s 7th largest city combines rustic charm with modern benefits like amazing shopping, top class restaurants and uber-cool bars and street cafes. Its southern location gives it a relaxed Mediterranean feel, of course with the hallmarks of efficiency and quality that Switzerland are famous for. Add in a dash of Italian flair and you have a very interesting mix that appeals to all types of travelers.

Let’s take a closer look at Lugano’s cuisine, outdoor activities, wellness opportunities and of course a great resort hotel and you have a very special holiday to look forward to.

Fun Fact
Lugano is the biggest city outside of Italy where the majority of the locals speak Italian.

Stay in a resort near Lake Lugano

With so much that Lugano city has to offer, you might have thought we'd suggest a hotel in the heart of the city – not at all.    Resort Collina d’Oro is a unique hotel located just 10 minutes drive from Lugano, whose charming location and traditional character has charmed many artists and writers over the years.

Resort Collina d’Oro sits 520 meters above sea level and offers astonishing views over the city, lake and mountains. It’s surrounded by an extensive natural park of more than 25 hectares and it's the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city below

All of the hotel’s rooms and suites are stylishly furnished with high quality furnishings. For an extra dose of glamour, we recommend the 200 sqm Camelia Suite,  a modern environment with separate fully-equipped kitchen, a dining room, and a large living room. Not forgetting those panoramic views.

Dine in a Grotto by the Lake Lugano!

The area of Ticino, where Lugano is situated is very popular with food lovers and famous for its grottos. Grottos are stone homestead ruins that have been turned into restaurants. Their outdoor grills and terraces are fabulous. Grotto del Cavicc is a local favourite. 

The local cuisine is based on cheese, chestnuts, cold cuts and meats, honey and, of course, wine. During your Lugano trip, you will realise that almost all of the recipes are based in one of the above ingredients. When visiting Lugano, you can look forward to an 100% authentic Swiss food experience!

Back in the hotel, the Resort Collina d’Oro’s restaurant offers a gourmet alternative to the local cuisine. Using only the freshest local ingredients, the dishes are based on the Mediterranean cuisine and created with a clever twist that matches the restaurant's style. The elegant atmosphere in the restaurant further adds to the experience. .

If you are visiting in summer, make sure you make the most of the the outdoor terrace where the views are as spectacular as the food..

Try extreme sports and spa in the Swiss countryside!

Lugano is a splendid choice for relaxation and wellbeing. Lugano Lake adds greatly to the city’s landscape, being its most characteristic feature – every visitor is surprised by its beauty and grace. There are many activities to do in Lugano, but they vary depending on the season that you are going to visit.

In summer, you can try all kinds of water sports in the lake, including sailing, windsurfing, diving, rowing, water skiing, etc. You can also try biking in one of the numerous hiking trails near the city, hiking at more than 700km of hiking trails, climbing, etc.

In winter, you can take a walk alongside the lake’s frozen shore. Or, you could go skiing in one of the numerous skiing resorts 1-2 hours driving away. The landscape changes completely in winter and Lugano becomes more romantic than ever. Cuddling while watching the snowy landscapes is a must-live experience.

For a rejuvenating experience, either in summer or winter, the hotel’s SPA and Wellness Center can become your perfect sanctuary for relaxation surrounded by nature. The SPA is 1000 sqm big with plenty of modern facilities to relax and rejuvenate.

The SPA includes a big Turkish bath, a Finnish sauna, chromotherapy showers, a jacuzzi and an indoor heated swimming pool. Collina d’Oro is on the sunniest location in Switzerland, so you will enjoy plenty hours of summer sunshine from May to September. The outdoor swimming pool is a great place to cool off from the sun's unbearable heat!

The Lugano experience is just beginning…

Now that you have discovered a little bit more of Lugano City, don’t waste any more time and start planning your trip by   finding the ideal room for you here. For more information about the destination and the hotel, you can visit the hotel’s website here!