All pet owners have a common issue: leaving their pets behind. For many, even leaving their pet to go to work or college is almost unbearable, and going on vacations without their best friend is out-of-options. This is where Athens in Greece stands out, making it a great destination to visit for every pet owner.

Athens is a great city for sightseeing, partying and eating out, but did you know that Athens is also a great city to visit with your... best friend? Indeed, there are so many things to do that you will both never get bored. From amazing parks where you can take your dog for a walk to pet-friendly bars and cafes that allow you to have your dogs with you during your coffee or cocktail, Athens will surprise you.

But what about the hotels in Athens? Will they accept my small friend as well?

Even though there are many pet-friendly hotels in Athens, very few stand out for their pet-friendly facilities and services.   Holiday Suites Arnis Street is one of the very few hotels in the city that offers advanced facilities and services, that will particularly please you and your pet.

Holiday Suites Arnis Street ~ The First Impression

Holiday Suites Arnis Street strongly believes in first impressions; this is why it has prepared a special check-in for your doggie or kitty. Since your pet will be most probably tired from the journey, the hotel offers a bowl of fresh water upon your arrival. You will be also given a small welcome box that includes a special toy, a tasty delicacy and litter bags that will surely come in handy.

A detailed guide book with everything that you need to know during your stay in Holiday Suites including emergency telephone numbers ( vet and overnight clinic), care service, transfer service and suggestions for walk, will also be provided by the hotel, ensuring an easier and more pleasant trip.

In case of an emergency, there is a complete first aid kit at the reception which was put together by a professional veterinarian and it's always available. The rooms are also equipped with special cushions, a bowl and fresh water. If you are a cat owner, a sand box and sand is provided by the hotel.

But comfort is not only ensured for your pet; while your dog or your cat is enjoying its comfy cushion, you can relax in your amazing bed reading your favorite book or having a delicious room service meal.

Certified dog guides are welcome in the hotel without any additional cost!

Amazing Parks to go for a walk!

Your dog is going to love Athens since there are so many parks and pedestrian streets where you can go for a walk without being disturbed by vehicles. Let’s find out the best places in the city to visit with your friend, as well as the safest options for pet caring while you are enjoying your shopping or sightseeing.

1. Puppy's Park: Athens is packed with great sightseeing attractions that you will most probably want to visit. You don't have to take your pet with you since it will only tire it and cause you more trouble. Puppy's Park is an excellent place to leave your dog during the day. It costs 10 euros to leave your fog for all day long, and it includes thrilling doggie facilities including a swimming pool. The park is 30 minutes away from the hotel by car. (Directions from the hotel)

2. Alsos Ilision: Located just 5 minutes walking from the hotel, Alsos Ilision is the most conveniently situated park in Athens. Its entrance can be found at the Iona Dragoumi street, next to a church's courtyard. The park's tall trees do not allow the sun to reach the ground, so the park is pretty shady. It's a great place for your puppy to play, but also for you to relax and enjoy nature in a big city! (Directions from the hotel)

3. Park "Shistis" Petras": This park is 20 minutes away from the hotel on foot, and it's located right next to Mount Lycabettus. There might not be any special facilities for doggies in the park, however, it is frequented by dog owners. Of course, do not miss to climb the breathtaking mountain Lycabettus, which is distinguished for its stunning 360 views of Athens! (Directions from the hotel)

4. Alsos Pagkratiou: Mainly frequented by dog owners who are staying in the center of Athens. It's a relatively small park with a couple of benches and lots of trees, providing plenty of shade. It's ideal for great walks and "flirting" with other doggies who enjoy their walk. (Directions from the hotel)

Dog-friendly cafes and bars around Athens!

The majority of cafes and bars in Athens feature an indoors and an outdoors seating area(for summer & winter), thus they are all pet-friendly. However, even if many of them do not mind having your dog with you when sitting outside, they might not allow dogs inside their premises - but you can simply ask them. Check out the below cafes and bars that enjoy having dogs and cats as their customers!

Le Petit Village, Syntagma: This cafe/bar is among the top choices for a refreshing lemonade or a delicious coffee in the heart of Athens. After your walk in Athens' main shopping street, Ermou, this is the best place to relax and chill with your lil' dogie. It's a hotspot for many dog-owners, while the owner himself is a dog lover since he owns his own dog! (Directions from the hotel)

Pick-Up (Pikap), Thiseio: The owners of Pick Up (Pikap) in Thiseio are known for their pet-friendly attitude, who do not only host their guests' dogs but also stray dogs from the neighborhood. The cafe serves great hot and cold chocolates, while your little friend will definitely enjoy the small treats. (Directions from the hotel)

Myrovolos, Metaxourgeio: This one of the friendliest places in Athens to visit with your friend. The owners are very friendly with small animals like cats and dogs, while they feed stray dogs and cats of the neighborhood. (Directions from the hotel)

Roof Garden at Crowne Plaza Athens City Centre Hotel: Offering stunning views over Athens, this roof garden can easily become the place where you will spend all your evenings in Athens. You can either enjoy a gourmet Mediterranean dinner or a fruity cocktail while watching the sunset! (Directions from the hotel)

These are only some ideas on how you can spend your holidays in Athens with your best friend. So, don't hesitate any longer and start planning your trip by   booking a room at Holidays Suites Arnis Street!