Even though Slovakia is a conservative country that's greatly affected by the Roman Catholic Church, the gay acceptance has been greatly improved through the latest years, especially in Bratislava, its capital. Bratislava is, by far, the most open-minded & gay friendly city in the country, featuring a pretty decent gay scene & quite an active LGBT community. Though, conservatism can still be preserved in the air, so a discreet behavior is always preferable!

If you want to meet the Serbian gay life, then Bratislava is the best, if not "only", option for you as it features the most organised & vivid gay scene in the country. Though the gay scene of Bratislava is pretty discreet and the gay community preserves a low profile, there are several gay cafe, bars & clubs in the area which will leave you more than pleased. For a more chilling and calm experience, you should definitely visit the gay cafe-bars Teplaren Cafe & Be Happy. For an intense clubbing experience, you should visit G-club, an upcoming gay club, or Apollon Club, the oldest & most successful gay club in Slovakia. Club Sauna Expert is an amazing choice for the more "naughty" travellers.

The most popular gay event in the city was Rainbow Pride, but it's currently unknown if it's continuing or not. There is also a program called Queer Slovakia that organises several gay events & parties through the year. 

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