Close your eyes.

Picture yourself on a pristine, powder-sand beach. Your feet sinking at the perfectly white sand. Ahead of you, there is a turquoise-water beach. Small waves crushing at the shore. Next to you, there is yours and your other half's sunbeds. Your other half is already sited, but you prefer to take your time to bask on this beautiful view - it's once in a lifetime, after all. Your vacations in the Maldives have just begun.

You are actually at Fesdu Island at North Ari Atoll, a quite popular island in the Maldives that hosts the legendary W Maldives. It was only a few minutes ago that you are welcomed by the hotel's staff to the island. After your quick check-in, which seemed like ages, you were guide to your room. Bold, Unscripted, Luxury. The three words that caught your attention and booked at this place were finally unfolding before you.

W Maldives - Beach vs Over-water Oasis

Almost had forgotten that you had   booked the beachfront oasis. A truly magnificent room with a gorgeous design that red color leads the show, and a lovely wooden deck with a private pool and sun beds to relax during the day. Of course, the room's main advantage is its direct access to the beach, making morning dives after waking up part of the routine.

Although, you find yourself kinda regretting for not choosing the over-water oasis. Even from afar, these rooms perched above the lagoon are magnificent. And their facilities do not lack at all. Also featuring an outdoor terrace with sunbeds and a private pool to relax, and direct access to the water. You kind of wonder why you didn't book half days on each room.

Well, now that you settled down, you can enjoy your complimentary drink on the beach, but don't forget: you have booked a massage in two hours at Away Spa.

Away Spa - Getting pampered with a series of luxurious treatments!

The best way to remove fatigue, release all that built-up stress, and cast away the tension so as to enjoy your holidays in the Maldives - a Hot Stone Massage. It's almost like a ritual to you. Getting a massage at the beginning of your vacations, and you are so happy that you decided to do that in the Maldives as well. 90 Minutes of perfect relaxation. 90 minutes just for you and your body.

Of course, this is not the only treatment that you will enjoy at Away Spa during your vacations in the Maldives. You have already booked a facial for the next day, more particularly the organic facial that uses traditional Maldivian Facial techniques with natural products. As well as an Away Detox package for one day before you leave, during which you will devote three entire hours to your well-being, enjoying a detox massage, a detox body, a detox facial, and delicious wellness cuisine.

Well, I think it's about time we left you enjoy your detox drink before your massage, and we will talk later at the dinner.

Dining in the Maldives - 3 Wonderful Restaurants will take you to a journey of rich flavors and aromas!

So, you have chosen Fire Restaurant for your first dinner on the island. Splendid choice, if you ask us. Its casual setting and plethora of grilled fresh meats and seafood are the best start of your culinary journey in the Maldives. We suggest you go either for the grilled lobster topped with the delicious garlic sauce, or, if you are craving for some meat, try one of the hotel's aged beef. If you are not very hungry, the mezzeh will make you fall in love with this place.

During the days that you feel lazy and a craving for a relaxing dining experience, The Kitchen is where you should be headed to. This is actually the place where you will enjoy your daily buffet breakfast, but it's also available for lunches and dinners. Its international menu features from gourmet pizzas to spicy curries, all of which can be enjoyed with a glass of fine wine. Finally, for delicious seafood, mouthwatering sushi, and fresh-caught fish prepared with an Asian touch, FISH Restaurant is the only place to go.

Of course, one must dining experience that all couples should enjoy is the private dining. You can actually choose a venue on the island, and the hotel's staff will create the perfect setting for you two to enjoy your meal overlooking the Indian Ocean.

To Complete the Experience: Fruity Cocktails & Creative Drinks at W Maldives' Awesome Bars and Lounges

Finally and to complete your Maldives holidays, you must hear about the hotel's awesome bars and lounges. Enjoy freshly prepared oysters, sushi and caviar paired with an extensive wine and champagne list or one of the signature cocktails, while the DJ plays relaxing beats on the background at SIP outdoor Lounge. Family-style served delicacies, and fruity cocktails await you at the pop-up cafe, KADA. Or, chill in the beautiful lounge and enjoy casual meals, sublime sundaes, ice creams and other sweet delicacies!