Gay Rights

Ireland has grown to be one of the most liberal countries of the world, as it was the first one to legalize gay marriage on a national level by popular vote. In addition to the several laws and rights granted to protect the LGBT community, Irelands are extremely friendly and warm people, so you will feel more than comfortable. Despite the high level of LGBT acceptance, the gay life is still developing so you will meet the most organised and vivid gay life in big cities and major towns!

Top Gay-Friendly Destinations

The gay and lesbian life in Ireland is still under development, so organised and vibrant gay scene can be found only in major cities and towns. The best cities & towns in Ireland for LGBT travellers are:

Dublin: Of course, the capital of the country features the most organised gay scene, featuring 2 gay clubs, 2 bars and 13 club venues. 

Belfast: It's the largest city in Northern Ireland and it has 1 gay club, 3 gay bars and 5 gay venues.

Cork: Featuring 4 gay bars and 5 gay venues, as well as many gay events take place in it, Cork is considerably loved by the LGBT community

Gay Social Networks 

The most popular online gay chatting applications and dating sites in Ireland are, RealJock,PlanetRomeo, GayXChangeOnlyLads, Grindr and Scruff.

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