Wellbeing - the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. When was the last time that you took care of your well-being? Unfortunately, most of us take lightly of our wellness, leading unhealthy lifestyles that are both harmful to our minds and bodies. Of course, by "unhealthy lifestyle" we are not just referring to drinking or smoking, but also to the inevitable stress of our everyday lives.

The best way to counter this stress is through vacations. Vacations make us forget for a while our responsibilities, giving our brains a break, and allowing us to relax. However, you can always take it a step further by going on a wellness vacation. We call them Wellness vacations because they include various wellness activities (outdoor and indoor) like relaxing yoga sessions in nature, refreshing massages with essential oils, and other refreshing activities and their sole purpose is to relax and unwind.

So, let's say that you totally relate up until now, so you would love to spend your next annual leave on wellness holidays. Which country should you visit? Well, there is no better country for wellness than Thailand, and more particularly, Phuket.

Why Phuket is the best option for Wellness Holidays!

As the largest island in Thailand, found at the Southern part of the country, in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the ultimate wellness destination to relax and pamper yourself with modern wellness therapies. Phuket Island is literally immersed in nature featuring lush rainforests and white-sand turquoise-water beaches all over it. Only a walk at this island can relax you.

There are also many spa centers dotted around Phuket, however, most travellers prefer staying in hotels with their own wellness center. This is reasonable as there is nothing more convenient than having the spa where you reside. The hotels' wellness center are most of times luxurious as well, offering an upgraded experience to their guests. 

Last but not least, Phuket is home to one of the best wellness hotels in Thailand, Rosewood Phuket, whose wellness facilities and services have greatly enhanced the island's wellness value.

Rosewood Phuket: Self-discovery, Self-Acceptance & Self-Transformation!

There are many reasons to consider Rosewood Phuket the best spa hotel in Phuket. The hotel is home to one of the best wellness centers in Phuket, Asaya, where you can enjoy the natural health benefits of life by the ocean, complemented by culturally inspired wellness practises and luxury facilities. 

Recognizing the uniqueness of every person and the nature of stress, every treatment is customized to match your needs while the wellness programs are tailor-made to your preferences. The wellness menu is extensive, with plenty of therapies, including wellness journeys and alternative therapies.

Asaya Wellness Journeys: A Spa Experience through time!

There are currently three journeys that you can take on. The Asaya Cleanse, the Asaya Balance and the FIT Journey. Asaya Cleanse will effectively detox your body from toxins, and flush out your physical and emotional blockages. The journey can lost from two to 6 nights, and it includes  a series of wellness treatments like Taoist Abdominal Detox Massage, Life Force Healing, Volcanic Clay Detox Body Mask, Thai Herbal Compress & other exquisite and relaxing therapies. The treatments that you will receive depend on the program that you will choose. 

The Asaya Balance Journey was created to balance your body, by taking on on a journey of self-discovery. This journey offers emotional, physical and spiritual stability and vitality. This journey can also take from 2 to 6 nights, depending on what you want to achieve. If you go for the 6 nights program, you will enjoy a series of advanced therapies like the Siam Foot Massage, the Thai Yoga Massage, HIIT Training, Aroma Balancing Massage and other amazing therapies.

The Asaya Fit Journey will help you stay in shape with tailor-made movement training. Same as the previous programs, you can choose the standard 2-night journey or the advanced 6 nights journey. If you go with the advanced, you will be able to try a series of activities like the Asaya Sport Massage, Private Yoga, Asaya Muscle Release Massage, HIT + Assisted Stretch and more.

Alternative Therapies: Achieve Wellbeing through touch!

Of course, you can't   visit Rosewood Phuket and not experience one of its alternative therapies, which were specially created to offer you a deeper level of well-being. All therapies come in 60 minutes, except the Sound Therapy that also comes in 30 minutes. Don't forget that there are currently four available therapies and they can only been performed in this hotel. Special props to the Life Force Therapy and the Watsu Therapy.

Of course, these were only some of the wellness services that you will enjoy in Rosewood Phuket. The treatment menu also includes a series of atelier body paths which will pamper your body with special herbs, scrubs and clays. As well as, several popular massages like the Deep Tissue or the super relaxing Foot Massage. The Body Fit Treatments are also to die for.

A Few Words about Rosewood Phuket: Conclusion!

In addition to the exceptional wellness opportunities, Rosewood Phuket offers great accommodation facilities and services as well. For accommodation, you will be able to choose from a diversity of villas and pavilions, all of which are spacious, clean and modern. We highly suggest you opt for an oceanfront room as they will greatly boost your wellbeing. 

The hotel is also home to three absolutely brilliant restaurants, serving from Thai to Italian cuisine and seafood. To further boost your well-being, we highly urge you to ask for a light menu with low-carb and detox dishes.