Gay Maldives is a controversial topic, considering the country's LGBT Rights and attitude towards the Gay Lifestyle. One would expect that no gay travellers would visit the Maldives, however, as it seems, its pristine white-sand beaches and luxury 5-star overwater bungalows and villas are enough to make any traveller fall in love with this country.

According to The Nomadic Boys' awesome guide about Gay Maldives, Pink Dollars are always welcome in the Maldives, and more especially at the private resort islands. As the Maldives is heavily based on its tourism, it's a natural thing for its visitors to experience a different and much better side of the country.

But the real question is: how can you spend your hassle-free gay vacations in the Maldives? It's very simple - it all starts from the resort!

Finding a Gay-Friendly Resort to stay in the Maldives!

Considering the peculiarity of the destination, the first thing that you have to do even before booking a flight is to find a place to stay. Maldives is home to many gay-friendly resorts and... none of them is in Male (Maldives Capital). Most luxury resorts (usually the ones branding themselves as gay-friendly) are found on small secluded islets near the capital, and can be reached via boat or private plane. Many of the Maldives laws, like the drinking limitation, do not apply in these resorts.

So, to save you time from searching, comparing, deciding, changing opinion, etc, we have decided to narrate your hotel options to one gorgeous resort found 151 km north from Male International Airport. We are referring to none other than the stunning   Furaveri Island Resort & Spa!

How to Reach Furaveri Island Resort & Spa from the Maldives Airport

To reach the resort, you either have to take a direct seaplane flight to the resort, or a domestic flight from the nearby Dharavandhoo or Ifuru airports followed by a 45-minute speedboat journey. It goes without saying which is the best option. Not just because it's way faster, but the scenic landscape that you get to observe during the flight is totally gorgeous and enough to make your friends back home jealous.

Which is the best room type for you?

107 private villas and water suites were designed and built in a way to provide 100% privacy to their guests, while matching with Maldives' stunning natural scenery. You will find rooms tucked into lush vegetation, at the first row on a white-sand beach or above a sparkling turquoise lagoon - in the end, the choice is yours. Free Wifi can be found all-way through the hotel's grounds, including at the beach, so you can always post your new Instagram photos and text your friends back home.

The room choice will be difficult as they are all exquisite. However, as you are in the Maldives, one of the very few places on this world featuring overwater villas and bungalows, we highly urge you to pick the water villas at the turquoise-water lagoon. Of course, if you want to have your own private pool, you can't help to opt for the Dhoni Pool or the Beach Pool Villas. No matter what you pick, one is for sure: you are going to enjoy the same amount of privacy & seclusion!

Things to do in the Maldives as Gay Couples, Solo Travelers or Groups of Friends

Okay -  if you have decided to visit the Maldives solo, you must desperately need some time for yourself. Actually, The Maldives is the perfect getaway for that. The only people that you are going to encounter are the hotel's guests and staff. So, power off your smartphone and enroll to as many activities as you can. Actually, Furaveri island Resort & Spa offers a series of excursions and water sports, which you can attend. If you are not into water sports, then you can always access the hotel's fully equipped gym or schedule a refreshing spa treatment at Furaveri Spa.

Gay Couples, you are going to love Maldives. As referred above there is a series of activities that you can do together, but nothing compares to Destination Dining. Love passes through the stomach, after all. Destination Dining allows you to pick a remote location of your choice on the island, and enjoy a super romantic candle light dinner with your other half. An Evening 5-Course Menu under the starry night sky is surely enough to sparkle your love. Other romantic activities to do include 60 minute aromatherapy couple massage at Furavery Spa or Petals Shower at your private villa.

Last but not least, we have left groups of friends. If you are visiting with your besties, we highly urge you to attend several of the weekly excursions. Game fishing, fish feeding,  turtle discovery, deserted picnic island, sunset cruise, and guide snorkeling are just a few of the activities arranged daily by the Furaveri Island Resort & Spa.

One picture is equal to 1,000 words - Relaxing at Gay Maldives

In the end, you will realize that most of your days in the Maldives will be on a pristine, white-sand beach, sunbathing or chilling at its turquoise waters. To get a short glimpse of Furaveri Island Resort & Spa, we recommend you navigate through the resort with the help of Virtual Reality.