Folegandros is a small Greek island found in the Aegean Sea on the southern side of the Cyclades. It is sandwiched between the islands of Milos and Santorini and has recently been developing in its tourism industry.  With its growth in natural resources and habitable communities, look no further than Folegandros for your next vacations! When visiting the island, of course you must visit the stunning beaches!

Here are a list of some of our favorites: 
  • Agali
  • Karavostasi 
  • Agios Georgios
  • Ambeli
  • Ligaria
  • Katergo
  • Livadakia
  • Vicentzo
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Agali beach can be reached by a car, motorbike or a bus. It is located 4km away from Chora and is situated in the Vathi Bay. 

Beach Features

In Greek, "Agali" means hug. This inviting beach is perfect for families with small children as  the waters are shallow and the waters are clean. Although it is slightly rocky, the plus side is that there are plenty of taverns and restaurants along the shore that you can stop by to fill your bellies in! There are also plenty of boats that will take you to nearby beaches such as Agios NIkolaos and Livada. 

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You will see plenty of locals and tourists at Karavostasi because of its close proximity to the port! It is 3km away from the main town of Chora.  

Beach Features

Swimmers rejoice! Karavostasi is one of the best beaches for swimming as the waters are clear and there are few slippery rocks underneath. Upon arriving at this beach, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much cooler it is in comparison to other beaches. This is thanks to the large amount of trees that are able to provide natural shade during sunny hours. 

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  Anemi Hotel is situated just a few minutes walk away from Karavostasis beach! It is a popular stay destination for many travelers because of its unparalleled services, facilities, hospitality and authentic cuisine. 

The hotel features 12 separate 2 storey buildings with 44 private luxury rooms and suites inside of it. The Cycladic architecture facing the Aegean Sea and the port make the views even more spectacular. 

All of the rooms are created to make visitors feel pampered and taken care of. The minimal decor alongside the strong elements of Cycladic design emulate a modern day palace. 

Agios Georgios


Agios Georgios Beach is located on the northern part of the island. 

Beach Features

This beach is surprisingly home to strong winds so it is not advisable to go swimming or do water activities here. Other than that, the fine sands and the clear waters are pretty to look at and make for an ideal location for sand castle building. 

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The beach of Ambeli is fairly small compared to other beaches on the island and can be reached by hiring a boat or by walking on foot from the Agios Panteleimonas Church. The hike itself is around 30 minutes long and features beautify views of the rail and the sunset that make it worthwhile. 

Beach Features

For those who bring children who prefer not to swim in the warm waters, consider purchasing donkey rides from the Ano Meria village. 

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For foodies, Anemi Hotel has got you covered! The main restaurant features traditional recipes that use local ingredients while featuring a contemporary twist on their dishes.

Lure Restaurant is headed by executive chefs Alexandros Charalabopoulos and George Theodorou, who highly recommend trying the "matsada" traditional island pasta dish while sipping on delicious wine!

In fact, the hotel itself features its own selective wine cellar, and prides itself in using only the finest of olive oils from the Andelea Estatte. 



Ligaria Beach is located close to the village of Ano Meria, which is famous for their folk museums and simple foods. 

Beach Features

This is the ideal beach to relax and do nothing on. If you are looking for adventure, try taking one of the excursion boats that are available to go island hopping or visit a nearby town. The most gorgeous thing about this island is its well-kept beauty  and its maintained conditions. However, there are very few trees for natural shade here and it is hard to find stores and restaurants nearby. 

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To get to Katergo, you can do a short hike on a footpath from Karavostasis or take a tourist boat to shore from the town of Chora.  

Beach Features

This picturesque beach is the ideal place for a romantic view of the sunset or sunrise. Lucky for you, there are few tourists so you will have plenty of privacy and seclusion from crowds. Be warned that this beach is unorganized meaning you will find it difficult to find places to buy goods from, so make sure you pack well! 

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Anemi Hotel is also home to the first yoga studio in all of Folegandros! Yoga in the Vineyard features professional instructors who help guide guests into different poses and stretches, all with the backdrop of the stunning fruit vineyard and Greek sun.

There are yoga classes for all levels of fitness and all ages to join. We recommend trying out the hatha yoga class that focuses more on breathing and meditating. Private classes and group lessons are available if you request!



If you can find your way to Agali beach, you can make it to Livadakia! Located just slightly north of Agali lies this stunning beach that features a small cove!

Beach Features

This beach is relatively safe because of its shallow and clear waters and light winds that are protected by the small cove. For parents who want to bring their families on a short excursion, this is the perfect location for you! Be warned that this beach is nudist friendly, so be prepared!

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Vicentzo is a popular beach located very close (less than 1km) away from the port. Because of its proximity, it can be easily accessible by car or by walking through a small path. 

Beach Features

This beach is ideal for swimming or snorkeling, since the waters are transparent and shallow. There are many palm trees in the area to shade you from the scorching sun rays. 

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