Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar is now a hot destination for travelers who want to dive into the remarkable and ancient Asian culture. Idyllic landscapes painted in crimson red, ancient temples lurking in misty mountains, gorgeous lakes where local fishermen try to catch their daily meal... these are the typical images that you will encounter when visiting Myanmar.

Among the many natural wonders of Myanmar, Ayeyarwady River is definitely the most impressive. Ayeyarwady River runs through the center of the country and it has been of great importance since the past. It's about 2,170 km long while its name derives from the Sankskrit term airavati, which means "elephant river". Lastly, its valley forms the historical, cultural and economic heartland of Myanmar.

What's more amazing about Ayeyarwady River is that you can live in it... Wondering how? The answer is The Strand Cruise!

The Story behind The Strand Cruise

The Strand Cruise is a custom-built ship that was built in 2015 in a shipyard in Yangon, with a shallow draft that was designed to successfully navigate the shallow rivers of Myanmar. This 61m ship is quite big and can carry up to 50 passengers in its 25 cabins. The ship caters 100% to its brand name, featuring all the conveniences and style of a Strand product. The service is flawless, the restaurant is gourmet, the elements celebrating the golden age of the Strand are prominent throughout the cruise.

The ship features four decks, with all the facilities that anyone would expect from a luxury river cruise. The two lower decks are where all the cabins and the gym are allocated. The Upper Deck features further cabins on one aisle as well as the Strand restaurant on the other offering gourmet cuisine. Finally, the Sun Deck is home to an open-air pool where you can take some refreshing dips, the spa and shaded sofas where you can relax, and a bar to enjoy your favorite cocktails. On-board activities and outside excursions are part of the full journey experience and included in the rates. Now that you have taken a gasp of the concept behind The Strand Cruise and how your holidays will unravel. Let's discover thoroughly your Strand Experience starting from the accommodation.

The Cabins

There are four types of cabins aboard The Strand Cruise where you can relax and listen to the gentle sound of  the Irrawaddy River. All cabins stand out for their own unique decor with beautiful wooden furniture, handcrafted art and native teak flooring. While, their floor-to-ceiling windows offer direct views over the river.

Special props to the spacious and comfortable Strand Suite, that features one king-size bed, a separate living room area and dressing, with natural daylight through floor-to-ceiling windows. At last, there is nothing better than sitting at your own private balcony, reading your favorite book and looking over the river's charming view!

Dining on board

One of the most outstanding experience on the Strand Cruise is dining at its gourmet restaurant. The cruise has paid special attention to its cuisine and menu, serving signature dishes that you will encounter nowhere else. The menu includes delicious specialties from Europe to Thailand, and a selection of traditional Burmese dishes.

All your meals at The Strand Restaurant will be accompanied by gorgeous panoramic views over the river. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while, if the weather permits, you can even dine al fresco on the sundeck. For any special dietary requests, you can inform the Strand Cruise team 60 days prior the request.

Give me tha Sarkies!

The Sarkies Bar was named after the famous founders of the Strand Hotel. The bar features a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy your favorite drink. It's located on the Sun Deck, offering gorgeous views of the passing riverbanks.

Fancy a tasty aperitif before dinner at the restaurant, or a fruity cocktail to wash it all down? Sarkies Bar got you covered. If you are a wine aficionado, the hotel's stocked wine cellar will surprise you pleasantly!

Massage on the River

The Strand Cruise boasts unique therapy rooms that excel in design and aesthetics, featuring polished wooden floors and Burmese antiques. There are two therapy rooms where you can enjoy advanced therapies either with your other half or all by yourself. The menu offers an abundance of massages and therapies, with Traditional Myanmar Massage and the Signature Strand Massage standing, sure to pick the interest of the guests.

Living the Cruise Life

Last but not least, we should mention that you can take on various-length cruises, from the 2-nights, 3-Nights to 4-Nights Cruise. All cruises will introduce you to the local lifestyle up to some point, but, for a full experience, you should naturally opt for the 4-Nights Cruise. Embark on the hassle-free lifestyle of the Strand Cruise right away by   checking prices here!