From Mosques to Venetian architecture and beautiful churches, this is just the tip of the iceberg of things to do and see in Heraklion.  Inclusive of sight-seeing opportunities, this city also offers unusual activities that'll provide you with an unforgettably exciting Greek city-break. In this guide we'll tell you where to go, to keep your city-break in Heraklion fun and exciting! 

Check into your Urban Room!

An en eco-friendly hotel in the heart of the city

We recommend that your trip to a new city begins with finding the perfect resort in the heart of the town, nearby transport links, and famous sights.    Olive Green Hotel is within walking distance from Heraklion archaeological museum as well a short walk away from a small square that invites you to experience Greek cuisine and fine wine.

Olive Green Hotel prides itself on its environmentally-friendly, ethical ethos and draws inspiration from the Mediterranean's landscape; this is evident in the majestic green scenery seen throughout the premises.  Ecology enthusiasts will be surprised at the lack of compromise towards luxury. The hotel is efficient, with established recycling methods and it uses sustainable energy sources, guaranteeing a sophisticated yet planet-friendly stay.


Despite the central location, you'll still be able to catch up on much-needed rest. The eco-chic rooms provide modern comforts with a new tablet from which you can control your rooms electrical devices. Contrastingly, the hotel's design elements that feature Cretan culture give the property a sense of tradition and humility. 

A healthy, unprocessed breakfast that will make you grin from ear to ear!

Liotrivi Breakfast

Even though most of us don't spend that much time thinking about it back at home, your breakfast experience on vacation is always a big deal! Enjoy unprocessed, fresh, home-made style pastries and bread at Olive Green featuring extra virgin olive oil from Crete. 

Top it off with hot brewed Greek coffee to keep you going through your morning activities for a well rounded, breakfast meal, a fresh smoothie with dried plums and linseed, or a freshly-squeezed juice of orange, ginger, banana and a mix of super fruits like berries and raisins. 

A morning visit to one of the most famous Archaeological Museums in Europe!

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Photo credit: Archaeological Museum of Heraklion

Υour Olive Green Hotel room is just a ten-minute walk away from one of Greece's greatest museums. Discover the internationally praised collection of artifacts from the Minoan Civiliζation in Greece practically at your doorstep. See the notable Snake Goddess, Phaistos Disc and Arkalocheri Axe, objects that present Greece's dynamic and rich history. 

After a look into Greece's fascinating archaeology and history, walk up to the Morosini Fountain (also known as Lion's fountain) for a snack, while you decide which of the surrounding cafes you prefer the most. 

A Delightful Dinner at the center of Heraklion!

"626" All Day Lounge & City Garden

"626" All Day Lounge & City Garden is a must-visit for locals and visitors alike. Its goal was to become an all day restaurant where you can enjoy quick and delicious meals and we can safely say that it has succeeded. It specializes on the most important meal of the day, serving a sumptuous a la carte breakfast and brunch international dishes like the american pancakes and local exclusives like the Cretan sfakiani pie. 

The rest of the day, you can enjoy delicious dishes inspired by the local and International cuisine. You will notice influences from America, Mexico, Asia, Italy, France, and, obviously, Greece. Try the traditional Greek giouvetsi with chicken or lamb, or the American spare ribs glazed with coca cola. For dessert, you can try the French lemon mousse or the traditional Mexican churros with chocolate.

Surprise your loved ones with a tour experience they won't expect!

Discover Heraklion with a Segway Tour by Best Ride

Photo credit: Segway Tours by Best Ride

Seeking Adventure? Explore Heraklion in the style of a Segway Tour to see the town from a unique perspective. Exploring this way means you have access to all the hidden gems of the city while enjoying the outdoors. After meeting with your guide, you can jump onto your own Segway and discover Heraklion's best sights in a way that your kids can't say they've done tried before!

Visit the Church of Saint Titus

Once a Mosque, now turned Orthodox Church!

Photo credit: Church of Saint Titus

Visit the Church of Saint Titus, softly framed by palm trees on August 25th Street. This unique building is one of the local highlights due to its beautiful woodwork, precious relics, and impressive history.  Said to have taken on various roles throughout Crete's history, the building has served as a mosque during the Ottoman Empire and was rebuilt to its final form as a Orthodox Church after an earthquake. Adorned with intricate carvings and beautiful stained-glass windows, the interior aesthetics are pleasing to see.

Enjoy wine tasting with grandstand countryside views!

Domaine Paterianakis Winery and Vineyard 

If you're passionate about wine, you'll be pleased to hear that Crete has plenty of activities and venues dedicated to wine enthusiasts. You definitely don't have to be a connoisseur of any type to drop in. In fact, why not make it your mission to explore Crete's organic wines? 

Visit Domaine Paterianakis, an organic winery that provides wine tasting sessions that are both informative and enjoyable, with views that overlook the vineyard and the mountains.

Visit one of Europe's oldest remaining cities!

A once in a lifetime experience of the Knossos Palace, a magnificent Minoan monument.

You don't have to be an archaeology enthusiast to appreciate the remains of the Ancient City just outside the city of Heraklion. Walk among the precious remains of what is known as Knossos Palace for a truly historical thrill. Although the palace dates back to 1900BC, records prove that the area was inhabited since 7000BC. Imagine the number of people that have passed through these sacred grounds and be moved by the still-standing, Greek spectacle.

Put your Brains to the Test and your Fate into your hands!

Your thrilling Escape Room experience in Crete!

Photo Credits: The Escape

This activity might seem a little strange; after you've done the usual sightseeing why not mix things up with an exciting alternative group visit to Heraklion's escape rooms.  Solve riddles and puzzles at a battle against time in a highly organized and highly stimulating environment that's bound to get your friends or loved ones bursting into fits of laughter. Choose from 5 rooms, each with their own degree of difficulty and watch the night flash with fate in your hands.  For more information, be sure to check Heraklion's mysterious escape rooms here.

Signature Cocktails and Frozen Margaritas set the perfect evening setting!

"626" All Day Lounge & City Garden

626 Lounge & City Garden will eventually become your favorite hotspot in Crete, the place where you will start and end your mellow days in Crete.

Frequent DJ events and saxophone or piano nights will accompany you as you enjoy your elegant Margarita, fresh sangria with fresh fruits, and local draught beers. Alongside your drinks, you can also enjoy small snacks like the mini balls of yellow cheese and grains, bruschetta and other delicious finger foods.

An urban getaway that offers you the excitement of several destinations at once!

Crete's buzzing capital, Heraklion, will provide you with unique moments of great food, delicious wine, and even better hospitality and people. You could say, that just as a Greek filo pastry has lots of layers to it, so does Heraklion! Whether you're traveling as a family, friends or a partner,  there's endless fun waiting for all tastes and ages. To begin planning your exciting urban-city getaway, check booking information at    Olive Green Hotel!