What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when thinking about Asia? Is it its turquoise beaches, lush rain-forests, or ancient civilization? Well, one thing is for sure; it surely isn't its gay life. Gay Asia has been greatly underestimated by the gay community the latest years, who prefer to visit the more developed European countries. However, a trip to Asia is truly a memorable experience that every gay man should include in his agenda.

Also known as the Gay Metropolis of Asia, Bangkok, is one of the most popular destinations in Asia with an organized gay life that even the busiest city in Europe would be jealous of. Bangkok's gay community is open and out, while they have also created their own gay slang. The best way to describe Bangkok's gay life is "wild" and "colorful". 

The best way to explore the local gay life is by staying in a hotel located in the center of Bangkok. Marriott Executive Apartments in Sathorn Vista  is one of the best hotels in the city for exploration and it is situated only a few minutes away from Silom Soi district. It's actually the best accommodation option since it offers easy accessibility to the local gay nightlife, as well as to many city attractions.

A Gay-Friendly Apartment 5' Minutes from Silom Soi District!

Being only 5 minutes walking from the gay nightlife of Bangkok,   Marriott Executive Apartments in Sathorn Vista is the perfect hotel to host you during your gay excursion in the 'City of Angels'. The hotel is the home of all kinds of apartments, that can host from solo travelers, to couples, families and friends.

All of the apartments feature an intimate and luxurious atmosphere, while they are all equipped with advanced "home" facilities like a kitchen, a dining area and more. The views over the city are to-die-for!

Last but not least, the hotel has a fitness area that is open 24/7 including a fully equipped gym where you can work out and various fitness services like a saltwater pool, a whirlpool and a sauna.

Before you head out to discover the gay scene of Bangkok, make sure to try one of the fruity signature cocktails at the Pool Bar!


Exploring the Gay Nightlife of Silom Soi District!

The gay nightlife of Bangkok is centered on Silom District, and more especially in the roads of Silom Soi 4, Silom Soi 2, and Silom Soi Twilight. The best place to meet new people and socialize is Silom Soi 4. The streets gets busy after 9pm, but it's particularly packed every Friday and Saturday.

Silom Soi 2 hosts the most popular dance club in Bangkok, as well as other disco bars that get crowed from 11pm. and so on. Soi Twilight, also known as Bangkok's 'red light district', hosts a couple of gay go-go bars with daily erotic dances and performances, that surely push the limits of the viewers. All of the above streets are within a walking distance from Marriott Executive Apartments in Sathorn Vista.

Find the most popular gay bars in every street below!

Popular Gay Bars in Silom Soi 4

1. The Stranger Bar: This New York-styled gay bar consists of 2 flours: a lounger area where you can socialize while sipping your cocktail and a 2nd floor with private balcony, exclusively for group parties. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

2. The Balcony:  It's one of the busiest gay bars in Silom Soi 4, with an indoor and outdoor seating, an upstairs bar and a karaoke. It's a great place to socialize with other locals, while it's reasonably priced as well. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

3. Connections Bar: This bar is located very close to the Stranger Bar and the ADAM Massage. There, you can try various delicious cocktails in a comfortable atmosphere, ideal for chit-chatting and such. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

4. HUGs: This place was created for the lovely bears and their admirers, who frequent the bar to socialize and sing karaoke. It gets busy most of the nights of the week, but it gets especially crowded at the weekends. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

Photo Credits: Bangkok.com
Popular Gay Bars in Silom Soi 2

1. DJ Station: The most popular gay club in Bangkok for both locals and foreigners. DJ Stations is always busy (every night of the week), but it's literally packed on the weekends. It has 3 different levels with a bar on each floor. There are also daily drag shows starting at the midnight! (See how to get there from the hotel here)

2. G Bangkok: This club is actually between Silom Soi 2 and 1. It has two floors , even though most of the guys prefer the ground floor. The entrance fee includes two drinks, and the best time to visit the bar is from 12 am and 3 am. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

3. JJ Park: For a good karaoke night out, head to the JJ Park. It's mainly popular with the more mature madams of Bangkok, and it's the best place to practice your singing skills. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

Popular Gay Bars in Silom Twilight

1. Tawan Bar: With provoking shows that leave very little to the imagination, Tawan will charm you with its ultra-hot and muscular dancers. It's regularly packed with people, since its night shows that take place from 10:30 to 00:30 every night attract both locals and tourists. (See how to get there from the hotel here)

Now that you have discovered Bangkok's gay nightlife, you might be most probably wondering what will you do during the daytime.

4 Must-Dos when in Bangkok!

Bangkok's vivid gay scene will keep you busy at night, but what are you going to do during the day? Well, staying in a centrally located hotel like Marriott Executive Apartments in Sathorn Vista will not only make your gay night excursions easy, but it will make your daily explorations as easy as a pie as well. The best activities to do in Bangkok during the day are:

1. See the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho

Being one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Bangkok, visiting Wat Pho is a must for every traveler who visits the city. The Reclining Buddha is a fifteen meters tall and forty six meters long statue covered in gold leaf that is distinguished for its imposing characteristics. Check out the distance from the hotel here!

2. Visit the Grand Palace

Once was the king's home, nowadays it's the most popular palace in the city and a must visit for whoever visit Bangkok. It spreads over 214,000 sqm so you will need plenty of hours to fully explore it. Check out the distance from the hotel here!

3. Go Shopping at Chatuchak Market

If you are a fan of shopping, then this will become your Asian shopping paradise. Featuring over 8000 stalls, Chatuchak is among the largest markets in Asia. It opens every weekend and it attracts about 200 million visitors per day. The prices are reasonable, while you will find sales almost everywhere. Check out the distance from the hotel here!

4. Try Local Street Food!

Street food in Bangkok is standing strong, with every busy road hosting all kinds of street food vendors selling delicious local delicacies. The most popular street food might be Pad Thai, but there are lots more that will surely excite you like Khao Kha Moo, Kai Jeow and Sai Ooah. One of the best street food markets is located in the Victory Monument and you can check its distance from the hotel here!

There are countless more activities that you can do in Bangkok, but the article would end up a book if we had written all of them down. Now that you have found the hotel, discover the city's gay nightlife, and found out what to do during the day, there is no reason delaying it.   Check prices directly at the hotel and get prepared for the most exciting journey of your life!