Porto is one of the big cities of Portugal hosting a dynamic gay scene with several gay venues like gay bars, clubs, saunas etc. The LGBT acceptance is at pretty moderate levels and people, year after year, become more open and acceptant towards homosexuality. Below, you will find some DOs and DON'Ts regarding Gay Travel in Porto:

  • Visit the clubs Plano B, Zoom and Gare for a fun dancing experience. Keep in mind that these clubs tend to attract mixed crowds!

  • Drink a coffee or a hot chocolate at Guarany, Cafe Majestic, Praia da Luz and Brasileira. Even though these cafe are not exclusively gay, they are gay-popular.

  • Visit the gay saunas of Porto to blow off some steam. Sauna Thermas 205 is one of the most popular saunas at the center of Porto, and there you will find several locals and tourists of a wide range of ages. Spartakus Sauna, on the other hand, is a great option near the center of Porto where you can spend a fun evening in a more intimate environment.

  • There are several gay bars in Porto where you can enjoy a drink and socialize. Some randomly-picked ones are Pride Bar, Spartakus Bar and Labirintho.

  • Do not expect an intense gay scene. Porto might have a pretty developed gay life, but it's pretty discreet and laid-out.

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