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Portugal Luxury Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Portugal for Luxury enthusiasts


Luxury Holidays in Portugal

Boasting some of the best beaches in Europe, sophisticated cities, traditional villages, and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Portugal is a top destination for luxury breaks.

Each region in Portugal enchants you with its unique beauty, character, and must-do activities, from golfing, swimming in stunning beaches, and staying in luxury resorts in the Algarve, to sightseeing, luxury shopping, and sleeping in former palaces in Lisbon, to laid-back luxury and exceptional wine tasting experiences in Porto and to a luxury break by the river in scenic Amarante.

Luxury honeymoon trips in Portugal

Having more than 500 km of coast with amazing beaches and virgin landscapes, Portugal is a popular destination for road trips in Europe, especially among adventurous honeymooners.The country’s coastline is dotted with many luxury hotels and resorts, where you will be able to rest for a few days during your honeymoon trip in Portugal.

A common road trip itinerary in Portugal is from the capital of Lisbon to the rocky city of Faro. The trip usually lasts at least 10 days, however, you can stay longer, depending on how many days you have for your entire trip. 

Fine dining in Portugal

Portugal, especially its coastal capital Lisbon, boasts world-class restaurants that will cater to your tastes with excellent service, gastronomic delicacies, and fine wine. Furthermore, the Algarve is popular for its fine-dining, with a plethora of restaurants serving delicious Michelin-level dishes based on Portuguese and international cuisine.

Luxury shopping in Portugal

When it comes to luxury shopping in Portugal, Lisbon comes to mind first! Even though Portugal is not known yet for luxury shopping, Lisbon is home to some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands, with luxury boutiques and stores scattered around the city.

The cities of Porto, the Algarve, and Faro also have  a good range of shops, outlets and galleries, selling from handicrafts and souvenirs to stylish beachwear.

In this Portugal Luxury Guide, you will find the top destinations for luxury breaks in Portugal and the best luxury hotels, beach resorts, and boutique palaces featuring restaurants, lounge pool bars, and advanced spa facilities!

Luxury Hotels and Beach Resorts in Portugal

Portugal’s coastline is lined with many luxury hotels and resorts set right on the beach, while elegant boutiques and villas are scattered all over the country. From North to South, Portuguese hotels, former palaces, and beach resorts welcome you to relax in modern and spacious rooms, dine in beautiful settings, and pamper yourself in deluxe wellness facilities.

Especially in the heart of Lisbon, you will find many boutique city hotels as well as luxury hotels with Michelin-star restaurants, while the Algarve, being a popular beach holiday destination, has sublime resorts and hotels to stay right on the beach. 

Moreover, you might find more luxury hotels with fascinating accommodation facilities in the world-famous archipelago of Madeira.

See below our collection of the best luxury hotels, boutique palaces, and resorts in Portugal!

The Top Places in Portugal for Luxury Travellers

The cities of Lisbon and the Algarve are known for hosting some of the most popular fine dining restaurants and luxury shops in Portugal. However, all over the country, you will find amazing places to spend, have fun, and socialize.

Discover the top places for luxury travelers in Portugal!

Luxury Tips

Embaixada, a former mansion in Lisbon, is among the best shopping locations in Portugal! Nowadays, it is a concept store with 2 floors dedicated to lifestyle products. 

Some world-class restaurants are located in Portugal and promise to pamper you with excellent service and gastronomic delicacies. Furthermore, several restaurants in the Algarve offer Portuguese and international cuisine and serve delicious Michelin-level dishes!

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