Ever thought of traipsing Europe for sightseeing? Europe has a lot to offer from picturesque landscapes, renowned historical sites, the glistening skies of Paris, cobblestone walkways of Paris, and best of all, the national parks. Europe is home to hundreds of national parks that showcase nature at its best. If you are a nature lover and would love to experience nature on another level and make wonderful travel memories, then European countries will deliver. 

In countries such as Iceland, England, Croatia, France, and many more, you will see unforgettable animals, scenery, and natural occurrences that you have never imagined. If you wonder what national parks to visit, you will probably be spoiled for choice because there are many worth visiting. Before you begin your journey of Europe’s national parks exploration, here is a list of some of Europe's best national parks that will make your experience memorable.

1.   Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Image Source: Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most serene places you can visit to relax your mind after having troublesome days at work. It is the most popular national attraction in Croatia with breathtaking scenery. The astonishing beauty of Plitvice lakes lies in the sixteen lakes that it has. The sixteen lakes are interconnected by the use of a series of waterfalls set in deep woodlands. You will be lucky enough to see some of the rarest animals such as deer, bears, wolves, boars, and rare bird species.

The good thing about the national park is that it is open every day all year round. During the summer, the opening hours are longer, from 7 am to 8 pm. You can use either entrance 1 or 2 to explore the national park. The best way to explore the park is by walking or hiking. It will help you to take in the beautiful surroundings of the park. When you explore the park using entrance 1, you will see the lakes and waterfalls from up high. The sight of it will be like heaven on earth. You will see stunning scenery almost everywhere you turn. There is no place to spend quality time with your loved ones than at Plitvice lakes national park.

2.   North York Moors National Park, England

Image Source: Visit York North York Moors National Park - Viewpoint/Beauty Spot

North York Moors national park is a mixture of breathtaking sceneries that will blow up your mind. The park is part forest, part moorland mixed with heathland, bog, and coastal reefs. These mixtures are the ones that make the place one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It is a place forged by nature, offering you the best experience of your life. In North York Moors, peace and beauty will rub your shoulders with a rich history and warm welcome. If you want to have the best experience, it is better to wander through the villages than the higher grounds.

Wandering through the villages on the rocky coastline gives you an entirely different sense of North York Moors. Apart from the park's breathtaking natural features, you will also get to know the history the park has witnessed. You will get to see the remains of tools and camps from the first hunters. You will also see the Roman fortifications, ancient crosses, medieval castles, and the abbeys. The park will provide you with the best sceneries that will make you feel you are in paradise.

3.   Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Image Source: Triglav National Park Scenery

Did you know that Slovenia has only one national park despite having high popularity amongst nature lovers? However, despite lacking in quality, it has reciprocated it with quality with Triglav national park. The park is one of the most visited parks in the world due to its astonishing scenery. You can hike, bike, swim, raft, fish, and do all the exciting things you have dreamt of doing. The name of the park came from Slovenia's tallest mountain, Triglav, which is 2864 meters.

You can be sure there is a paradise below Triglav. You will see magnificent views from tall peaks, green alpine valleys, babbling brooks, and all that makes the earth small heaven. The park has numerous lakes reflecting the blue sky and diverse flora and fauna. Topping up the natural attractions of the park, you can also feel man's connection with nature. It is evident by the cultural heritage present in the park. Stop time and escape into the embrace of unspoiled nature, enjoying the picturesque nature of Triglav. Climb to the summits to drink the beauty of the views and raise your heart rate with adrenaline sports.

4.   Cevennes National Park, France

Image Source: Cevennes National Park

The appeal of Cevennes national park varies, and it gives people visiting there the best experience of nature. What is fascinating about the park is that you can enjoy it both during summer and winter. You can find exciting activities to do both in summer and winter. The park is at its best during summer due to Canoeing, Kayaking, climbing, etc. However, you can also enjoy activities like snowshoeing, tobogganing, and Nordic skiing during the winter. To get the most out of the park and have the best experience, you should hook up with a local guide.

5.   Vatnajokull National Park, Iceland

Image Source: Vatnajokull National Park Scenery

Vatnajokul national park is one of the biggest national parks in Iceland. The park covers almost 13% of Iceland and consists of the glaciers of Vatnajokull. If you believe you are tough enough and want to have a wild adventure, try visiting the Vatnajokul park. The place is where fire meets ice in the form of glaciers and volcanoes. You will get to start your wonderful experience even before entering the park. Just outside the park, there is the Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon that is worth exploring. 

There are more national parks in Europe that you will love, but if you are on a national park tour, the above countries and parks should be on your bucket list. These national parks are worth your time and money. You can be sure to have one of the best experiences of your life. Arm yourself with a good camera so that you can record the most breathtaking nature scenes ever.