When you’re traveling, you’ll tend to be doing a lot more exercise through walking and carrying a bag and traveling through airports, etc. that you would during your average day. This means it’s easier to get tired more often, and you’ll want to avoid this where possible in order to make the most out of your trip.

Since energy comes from the food you eat, it’s a good idea to think about your diet, and what food you can eat to keep your energy levels topped up, so you don’t run out during the days and nights of your adventure.

Today, we’re going to be exploring the top ten foods to eat while traveling to keep your nourished and energized, ensuring you can make the most of expedition.

#1 - Eggs

If you’re looking to boost your energy levels, you really can’t go wrong with eggs. Have them in any way, shape or form. It’s recommended for the best effects you consume two eggs a day as they can help improve your cell functions and contain protein for muscle repair.

That’s ideal for helping your muscles recover after those look mountain or city hikes. Try to avoid eating more and 4-5 eggs per week though!

#2 - Yoghurt

Whether you’re having breakfast, a light snack, or even as an afternoon treat, you can’t go wrong when it comes to yogurt. This is the ideal replacement for your traditional sugary desserts as yogurt also contains a ton of protein and other vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform to its optimal ability.

#3 - Chicken

Photo from Mark DeYoung & Unsplash

“Chicken is a renowned source of protein which is ideal for muscle repair ensuring your muscles are ready to go every single day of your travels. Have chicken sandwiches, have them for lunch or have them for dinner in order to feel the full benefits and effects,” shares Benjamin Stubbs, a chief editor at Draftbeyond and Writinity.

#4 - Granola

You can have granola in the morning as a breakfast or pack up and treat yourself to a granola bar while you’re on the move. The most important thing to check with granola is you’re not buying a bar or brand full of sugar since this will make you crash.

However, granola with other foods mixed in like seeds and nuts is a fantastic way to energize yourself and keep those calorie levels topped up while you go about your day giving you more than enough energy to get around.

#5 - Nuts

There’s no denying the amazing benefits that nuts can provide when it comes to energy. Any kind of nuts will do the trick, whether that’s almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts, so pick whichever ones are your favorites!

Most nuts are also rich in protein and contain that all-important magnesium that improves your body’s ability to generate energy, giving you the boost you need. Simply keep a bag readily available wherever you go.

#6 - Banana

Bananas are easily the go-to food of choice when it comes to providing you with a burst of energy throughout the day. They’re small and portable, and eating 1-2 a day is more than enough to keep you going.

“What’s more, bananas can also be eaten to help your bones grow stronger, actively improve your stamina and provide you with increased amounts of vitamins and nutrients,” explains Sarah Hardy, a health and lifestyle writer for Last Minute Writing and Researchpapersuk.

#7 - Asparagus

If you get the opportunity with a meal, don’t pass on some asparagus as these veggies are packed with Vitamin B12 which is ideal for supporting healthy energy levels within the body. This veg helps to transfer carbs into glucose which is a sure-fire way to help yourself get through the afternoons!

#8 - Chocolate

Not one you were expecting hey? Well, in particular, we’re talking about dark chocolate because the natural stimulant, known as theobromine, is similar to caffeine which is great for picking up your energy levels and elevating your mood!

#9 - Water

This point more relates to the drink you should avoid which are energy drinks. Energy drinks may seem like a good idea to give you the boost you need when you’re feeling really tired, but the truth is the high will be short, and the crash will be defeating.

Instead, you should aim to give your body what it needs by eating the right foods, like some of the ones we’ve listed here, and then drinking refreshing water to keep you going. There’s no better drink out there that water.

#10 - Fresh Fruit

You really can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. No matter what kind of fruit you’re talking about, whether its berries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, oranges, or anything in between fruit is tasty, refreshing, and contains a ton of vitamins and minerals you need to stay energized throughout the day!