Living in the 21st century means that we have to lead a stressful life of responsibilities and constant evaluation. Stress might be a normal function for our bodies and mindset, however, too much of it can lead to harm in mind and body. This is why you should devote at least one week every year to hassle free, relaxing, and self-healing holidays that will help you cast away all that built-up tension.

Thankfully, there are many hotels around the world focusing on well-being and wellness, so you will be given with plenty of choices. Among of these hotels, there is one that stands out for its impeccable services and remarkable facilities. We are talking for none other than   AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel.

Let's discover the ultimate resort for wellbeing and relaxation in nature!

Getting to know AbanoRitz

AbanoRitz is the outcome of Poletto family's enthusiasm and professionalism to create the perfect trip for the body and soul. Terry and Ida focus on value instead of business is prominent through the property, starting from the services up to the facilities.

The hotel's huge, elegant and welcoming lobby is decorated with unique furniture-antiques that remind of an old, luxurious mansion. It's also home to two pianos, a billiard table and different areas where you can meet, play, read your favorite book, or simply "make a vintage Instagram photo-shooting". Every day the hotel organizes various activities as concerts, happy hours, tastings, events and many others.

You can also visit the hotel's quite gardens and grab some winter sun or enjoy the sunny, warm summer in nature. Either case, you are going to love it! 

From Thermal Mud-balneotherapy to Hot Spring Waters and Relaxation

The hotel is home to a thermal zone that you will find nowhere else in the world; the unique and revitalizing thermae. All treatments at AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel are based on this miraculous mud that has been enriched with numerous active ingredients during the maturation process. Special props to the mud-balneotherapy, a natural treatment based on autochthonous thermal mud and water with exclusive mineralizing, anti-inflammatory, pain relief and muscle relaxation properties.

Lye on a bed, coated with thermal mud enriched with mineral salts, with whose direct contact with the skin will start an osmotic process of reciprocal exchange. As your body sweats and expels toxins, you will be enriched with those mineral salts that will stimulate your metabolism and activate the anti stress hormones.

Following this treatments, you should have an ozone bath in mother water to reactivate your body. Also, a thermal massage is recommended to wake up and tone up your musculature. The rich spa water comes from the deep underground, classified as saline-bromine-iodine thermal water. The spring water that sources the pools is kept at a steady temperature of 33 celsius. 

"Health means feeling good in body and mind"

Inspired by the principles, traditions and philosophies of both old western and oriental cultures, RitzSPAce offers a diversity of treatments that will cater to your individual needs and preferences. Choose which area of your body you would like to focus on, and find the most suitable treatment for you with the hotel's "human maps". You will have a personalized program to be back in shape and to refill your soul.

The Massage World will give you access to a range of massages, over 40 different treatments made by a team of physiotherapists and wellness therapists, and, of course, 12 cubicles where you will achieve perfect health. You can check out the therapies by clicking here. Special props to the miracles-creating naturopathy that will stimulate your body's self-healing (homeostasis) through chromotherapy, floritherapy, aromatherapy & other treatments.

Stimulate your muscles with an one-hour session at the fully equipped gym working daily 8 a.m. to 11p.m. For a more personalized experience, hire your personal trainer and develop better knowledge of your body. Or, you could also attend the Easy Activities, which are outdoor activities for families (and not only) that combine sports, culture, and food & drink.

Awake your senses through dining

Dining at AbanoRitz Thermae & Wellness Hotel will stimulate all your 5 senses. Starting from the very first meal of the day, breakfast is served in a delicious, continental buffet with organic and whole grain products, different choices of salty and sweet groceries, as well as various cold and warm dishes. You can enjoy your breakfast as early as 7:15 am up to 10:30. For any food intolerances, don't hesitate to contact the hotel.

There are three venues available, all offering different cuisines. Combining innovation and tradition, the White Gloves Restaurant offers a gourmet menu even with vegetarian dishes and gluten-free options. The menu is further enriched by a rich wine selection mainly coming from the Euganean “Strada del vino”. 

For a casual lunch during the warm of months from April to September, you can enjoy the Easy barbeque in the park behind the pools. The barbeque includes a buffet of cold and hot starters, fresh salads, grilled meat and fish, fruit and dessert.

“Il Brutto Anatroccolo” (The Ugly Duckling) is a vintage restaurant that every hipster will love. It opens from Friday to Monday during the evening. You definitely need a reservation to dine there. Its environment was created by the artist Walter Davanzo. It's also open to the general public.

Comfortable Rooms that compliment the Wellness Experience!

Special credits should be given to the rooms’ mix of styles that will give an added value to your wellness experience. You can choose between many kinds of classic-chic rooms or even explore the 5th floor with its “never ending story” made by modern, creative and design rooms.

Euganean Hills: Culture, Nature & Flavours

AbanoRitz Hotel is ideally located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, in Abano Terme, central from the region's tourist paths but close to many important cities. Euganean Hills fuse culture, nature and flavours seamlessly, while the Renaissance villas, patrician residences, churches and other retreats further increase the area's historical value. 

Abano Terme, also known as "Thermal Baths of Venice", is characterised by its thermal-mineral springs that have been famous since antiquity. Many call it the city that "takes away pain" due to the precious healing waters. Abano Terme has many things to see like Colle del Montirone, Pietro d'Abano, The Duomo di San Lorenzo, Parco Urbano Termale, and other sites next by.

Well, there is nothing to hold you back from this marvelous experience.   Book now at AbanoRitz Spa Hotel and open yourself to thrilling world of wellness!