We all know how busy popular island resorts can get over the summer. Islands like Mykonos, Santorini and Zakynthos are overfilled and crowded with thousands of party goers. Now, if you are looking for a beach-party resort and are eager to dabble in the young party scene by all means check out those islands. However, if you are looking for peaceful tranquility with quiet walks across old trails, exquisite Greek Gastronomy at fair prices, and undiscovered sandy-gold beaches, we are here to hook you up.

Cave exploring inbetween beach days! 

Folergrandos is a picturesque, quaint and quiet island located in Western Cyclades. The island is rich in caper flowers, thyme and avocado in summer which makes it extremely pleasing to walk through if you wish to take a stroll through clearly carved footpaths. 

Visit the folklore Museum to become educated in a 19th century building. Constrastingly you can explore the mysterious caves of the island which can be reached by boat! Beach babes are welcome to Livadi beach or perhaps discover your very own private sandy bay as the island is filled with untouched small coves. 

What to Eat
Regional delicacies to tuck into!

  • Enjoy a traditional and regional cheese pie made with sorouto cheese and onions, locally known as “Kalasouna”. 
  • Be inticed by " Karpouzenia", the gorgeous traditional sweet pie that is made up by one of Greeces favourite fruits, watermelon in addition to honey and sesame. 
  • Lover of pasta and meat? Try "Matsata", the handmade pasta dish with rabbit or cockerel. 

Where to stay! 

Located in Agali Bay,   Blue Sand Boutique Hotel offers high quality traditional dishes to ensure your vacation is in keeping with your Greek island destination. Enjoy refreshing cocktails, delicious food and stylish decor at this stunning private retreat. 

Forested green island for active travellers! 

Thassos is a lush green island with many organized outdoor facilities such as biking, hiking and water sports. It is a great destination for families who are want to experience a different side to Greece as well as couples searching for a romantic resort.

Thassos is famous for its olive and honey production due to the fertile soil of the island. In fact the island produces two specific types of honey – a darker pine tree honey and a golden honey which is created by the wild flowers all over the island.

One of the most interesting aspects of the island is the vast number of ruins such as The Ancient Agora, the remains of a marketplace between the 4th and 2nd centuries BCE. In addition to this, Thassos holds an incredible natural swimming pool! 

What to Eat
Regional delicacies to tuck into!

  • “Pitarakia”, light fritters made from thin slices of courgettes. Initially dipped in flour with mint and spice, fried, then served with zucchini relish.
  • Peppered Cabbage, a wintery dish consisting of spiced pickled cabbage with white beans. Kolios “Gouna”, the local way of cooking the chub mackerel and the perfect pair to a glass of Tsipouro.

Where to stay!

  Aelia Villa is located in the center of Thasos Town which makes its location ideal for those who wish to be within walking distances of cafes, restaurants and bars! Step into a lovely chic apartments with great stand on standby with excelennt recommendations of things to do! 

The greek island ideal for nature lovers! 

Photo credit: DiscoverGreece

Mountains raise this island from this sea for jaw dropping and green surroundings which include olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees. Within walking distance you will come across three beaches: Megalos Mourtias, Lakes, and Vrisitsa which are approximately ten minutes away. If you want to explore the rural lanscape of the island there are plenty of outdoor activities such as hikes and treks to go on! You can find many animals and sealife at this remote island such as rare seabirds, dolphins and the Mediterranean monk seal. 

What to Eat
Regional delicacies to tuck into!

  • Enjoy Rock Samphire, also known as "Kritamo", the islands most exquisite edible herbs.
  • Visit "Tassia's Cooking" restaurant to try her famous crayfish pasta be teasted with exciting spicy flavours.
  • The island's trademark fish dish is Lobster, so be sure to order the Lobster pasta, but be warned: this dish may burn a small hole in your pocket.  

Where to stay! 

  Althea Suites romantic and minimal design set in a private hill top location is perfect for couples who wish to get away. Situated nearby plenty of restaurants and bars around for you to enjoy local cuisine with friends or loved ones and the nightlife invites you to lounge and enjoy live music in various establishments!

ditional wine tasting and lively nightlife! 

Paros is inhabited by approximately 12,000 people and its capital Parikia is the landing point for all visitors. In fact, one of the most important and best reserved churches of Greece is situated in this village . 

Paros specializes in wine harvesting therefore you can expect some excellent local wine available in the restaurants. The wine itself is famous for its aromatic flavour that has carried through from ancient times - vineyards can be seen all over the island! We highly recommend an evening of wine tasting in Paros to try the local wine.

Luckily this is very easy to do as, although the island’s nightlife is not as busy as in islands like Santorini, it is still very lively, and many visitors enjoy the local cuisine after a day spent by the beach.

What to Eat
Regional delicacies to tuck into!

  • Locals replace Greek Cheese, Feta, with “Mizithra”, a white goat milk cheese.
  • “Karaveles”, a stew of snails tenderly cooked in tomato sauce.
  • “Moustokoloura” wine cookies with spices.

Where to stay


  Naoussa Hills Boutique Resorts promises to deliver a delicious breakfast that will suprise you everytime. Enjoy views of the Naoussa gulf and Nazos Island from this resort as all your worries melt away! 

Admire white-washed quaint villages and romantic settings

Karpathos can be found between Rhodes and Crete, on the Southern side of the Aegean sea. Characteristically, it is known to be one of the most profoundly beautiful alternative islands. The villages are imaginably very quaint and littered with white-washed houses which echo-ing the untouched traditional style of the island.  When low clouds form over the island, they shadow surrounding villages creating a dreamy atmosphere. 

Explorers can take the hiking trail through Karpathos or perhaps jump on a boat to visit the unoccupied island, Saria. The most beautiful beaches to visit are Kyra Panagia and Apela, which are notable for their crystal waters.

At Myloi, one can travel to see Poseidon’s cave, a sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon and Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, however please note this sight is only reachable by boat. An additional sight is the Folklore Museum of Othos which displays all the life of the island as it were several decades ago. 

What to Eat
Regional delicacies to tuck into!

  • Karpathos island is famous for its bread, specifically sesame and onion bread, locally known as “Kremidopsomo”.
  • “Spanakopites Karpathikes”, spice scented Karpathian spinach pies
  • “Makarounes”, a flavoursome pasta dish seasoned with fresh herbs and grated with hard myzithra cheese (goats cheese).

Where to stay! 

Enjoy the gorgeous location, beautiful interior and architecture of   Arpathea Villas. The mountain views will surely take your breath away as well as the luxury infinity pool and the endless luxury amenities! 

Hush... Secretly get away! 

The upmost priority for many travellers is privacy, quiet and calm in destinations that will allow one to recuperate and truly unwind. You will discover authentic Greek culture and amazing cuisine in the above islands and resorts that curate experiences for the individual, not for the masses! Begin planning your Greek get-away by checking booking availability or click above to be directed to the hotels websites... and remember to keep these low-key locations among yourselves!