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How does Travel by Interest work for Travellers?

Select a Destination, Find amazing Hotel Collections, Book Directly with the Hotels at the best rates

Choose a Destination and find:

  • Hotel Collections for Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness Travellers
  • Hotel Collections with unique features like Boutique Style, Rooftop Pools & Hot Locations
  • Hotel Collections with a specific theme, such as Christmas & Honeymoon
  • Hotel Collections created by people you love and admire, like Artists & Influencers

All the hotels are Handpicked by our TBI Experts, who make sure that they match the above-described themes!

How are the Hotels chosen?

Our TBI Experts Check the Hotels one by one, making sure to include options for all budgets

The TBI Experts evaluate hundreds of hotels every day, looking for the most special, iconic and fascinating properties from around the world. Each accommodation in TBI has been handpicked by our experts, and we are proud to present an upgraded and high-quality selection that covers all possible traveller needs, wishes and budgets.


What are the Hotel Collections?

Special Lists with selected hotels for Gay, Luxury, Food and Wellness Travellers or based on specific Features & Themes.

Hotel Collections are special Hotel Lists with selected hotels that match certain criteria. Our TBI Hotel experts evaluate the properties one by one and create hotel collections that help you find the right hotel for you easier. In these special lists, the hotels are presented with selected photos according to each subject, and allow you to book directly using each property's connected booking engine or to visit each hotel's official website.

These useful Hotel Collections allow travellers to browse hotels more easily based on their personal likes and interests, while helping them discover the properties that better match their preferences.


Hotels for a Festive Spa Relaxation
The best luxury boutique hotels and luxury resorts to visit in 2019!
Hotels in Bangkok with Rooftop Bars

Which are the criteria for a hotel to be added to a collection?

The criteria may vary depending on each destination, ensuring a more trustworthy result.


  • - Topic Compliance Checklist
  • - Our Experts' Opinion
  • - Special Destination Characteristics
  • - The Hotel Photo Shooting

How can I book a Hotel?

TBI allows travellers to book directly with the hotels, and enjoy the best available prices and find exclusive offers.

Just find the integrated booking engine of each hotel throighout its dedicated pages and content, set your travelling dates and hit Check Prices. TBI will automatically redirect you to each hotel's official booking engine, where you can see the results of your request.

And remember! If you decide to book, you will booking directly with the hotel, hence receiving the best available rates!

What is TBI's Hotel Discovery Blog?

Hotel Discovery Blog is TBI's new interactive blog, which features fascinating articles about destinations and focuses on giving information & inspiration to global travellers.

But why 'Hotel Discovery'? In each article, our editors include a number of selected hotels that match each subject. And the fun part is that you can even book these hotels directly through the article, using their integrated booking engine!

Wait! There's more

Stay tuned in TBI, as you will soon be able to create your own account in, save your favorite Hotel Collections & articles and build your very own Hotel Collections with your favorite properties from around the world!

All images are from the conceptual photo shooting of Diles & Rinies Villas in Tinos, Greece, that was specified by Destsetters and executed by the renowned Hotel Photographer Christos Drazos.

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