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Lugano Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Lugano for Gay travellers


The gay life of Lugano, Switzerland!

Lugano is the largest urban town located in the region of Ticino,  an Italia speaking destination that lies on the northern side of lake Lugano and is surrounded by colossal mountains. A popular gay destination for travellers who are seeking for a romantic getaway from an everyday curriculum and onto the vibrant landscapes of Lugano.

This town is not particularly distinguished for its gay venues and LGBT acceptance as the 1st Gay Pride Event took place just in 2018. But the locals will not treat you bad if you are gay or lesbian, it's just that there is a really small organised gay scene and the biggest part is located 1 hour drive away. In Italy! 

The only worth mentioning exclusively gay venue in Lugano is the Gothic Sauna which is known for its great facilities, the friendly atmosphere and for the exciting themed parties it hosts from time to time. But don't be discouraged as Lugano is considered as one of the most attractive haven in Switzerland for its Mediterranean styled town, packed with parks and sub-tropical plants. Also the architecture of the town and the worth mentioning museums compensate the lack of a gay scene while creating the ideal atmosphere for love-birds.

All the pubs and restaurants in the area are gay-friendly and locals will welcome you with enthusiasm. Enjoy the colourful landscapes and breath the fresh air of this magnificent place.

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Gay Tips

Some of the Gay-friendly venues to visit while you explore Lugano are the Choco-Late Club, Bocc Bar and El Mojito Tropical Lounge.

If you really are interested in experiencing the diversity of gay there be sure to visit LeccoMilano, Toilet Club, Mono and others more that are located just one hour away by car.

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  • Hiking
  • Celebration & retirement holidays

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