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Boracay Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Boracay for Food lovers


What to eat in Boracay

Famed for its powdery white sands, crystal waters, and exotic beach resorts, the tropical island of Boracay attracts holidaymakers seeking for combining beach vacations with delicious food.

Traditional restaurants and seafood barbecues will tempt you to the Filipino cuisine while an excellent collection of bars and restaurants cater to your international tastes with a variety of cuisines from Mexican to Spanish, Asian to Mediterranean and much more. 

Popular local food dishes to eat in Boracay include Adobo, which consists of chicken or pork marinated in a mixture of soya sauce and vinegar, the favourite Kare-Kare, stewed meat with lots of vegetables, and Tapsilog, a popular Filipino breakfast made of cured beef, fried rice and a fried egg.

As for dessert, keep in mind that the island boasts of having the most delicious mango production in the world, that's why there is a wide diversity of places in Boracay where you will be able to enjoy this delicious fruit.

Moreover, Boracay has a developed street food scene with several street vendors around the island, especially in the tourist towns and beaches. If you crave for something light, yet delicious, do not miss to taste corn on the cob on sticks with butter and salt. However, if you have a strong stomach and love experiencing new tastes you can give a try on Balut, a duck embryo in an egg that is known as a popular food of the Philippines.

In this Boracay Food Guide, you will find the best hotels with restaurants in Boracay offering delicious breakfast and gastronomic delights based on Filippino and International cuisine, and the best restaurants and street food options to taste the best of local cuisine!

The best Hotels and Beach Resorts with Restaurants in Boracay

The elegant luxury resorts of Boracay have a plethora of dining options within their premises with exotic bars by the beach and elegant restaurants offering delicious breakfast buffets as well as international and Filipino lunches and dinners. 

Along Boracay’s pristine beaches you will also find excellent seaside boutique hotels that satisfy your palate with intercontinental breakfasts, lunch, and snacks while in the evening you will be tempted by al fresco dining experiences under the dazzling Milky Way with lullaby the sound of the waves.

Where to eat in Boracay

Boracay is a paradise for seafood loves since there is an abundance of daily caught fresh fish, shell, and Crustacean on the island. Your gastronomic trip starts at D’talipapa Market where you can buy the seafood of your preference and then you take it to one of the nearby restaurants to get it cooked the way you like it.

Another unique experience for food lovers in Boracay offers the laid-back yet modern food hall at Boracay Street Market. It lures foreign travellers with its excellent selection of yummy Filipino and international foods. It is one of the best places to hang out with your friends while devouring the foods of your favourite cuisine, from Mexican to Italian, to Japanese, to Southeast Asian delicacies.

After all, Boracay has a plethora of dining venues ranging from open-air eateries and beachfront restaurants serving local and international food aiming to never make you feel hungry. While several juice bars and canteens, serving mango juices and refreshing drinks, cater to quench your thirst with the most exotic flavours.

Find below all the hotspots you can visit and find delectable delicacies to all tastes.

Food Tips

The Exotic hotels and resorts of Boracay hosts gourmet restaurants that offer international and delicious Philippine cuisine!

Despite the fact that local cuisine in Boracay is not very developed, there is a wide range of restaurants on the island where you will be able to taste traditional Philippine dishes.

Since the island of Boracay attracts international travelers, there is a huge range of places to eat, including a surprising number of bakeries.

There is a wide diversity of restaurants in Boracay where you will be able to enjoy traditional recipes, as well as dishes from international cuisines.

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