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Seminyak Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Seminyak for Gay travellers


Gay holidays in sensual Seminyak, Bali

Seminyak is a trendy suburb located just north of Kuta, a destination filled with luxury beach resorts, chic restaurants and sensuous bars. It is important to know that Bali has a relatively small gay scene due to its Muslim beliefs, but day by day the people are getting accustomed to the LGBT acceptance and are expanding their point of view.

Seminyak is a place packed with gay-friendly accommodations, shopping boutiques and hotspots to relax and enjoy the gay vibe. Nevertheless it's not just about the entertainment but about the people you meet there and the memories you make. So if you are visiting Seminyak be prepared to socialise at every corner you visit, either it is the beach or your own accommodation.

Top hotspot to feel the vibrant and chaotic gay elements of Seminyak is for sure its sandy shores. Batu Belig Beach is the most gay-popular grey-sand stretching coast, accompanied by a beach bar and restaurant. A great places to relax, drink a cocktail and make new interesting friends. For sure beach spots like Cocoon Beach Club, Potato Head and Beach Bar will make your head spin from excitement as you experience the real beach-nightlife of Seminyak from the parties they organise every August.

Visiting a Bar and a Spa in Seminyak is also a must-do when coming to Bali. Mixwell Bar, Bali Joe and Face Bar are the top gay choices for sure considering the amazing performances from the drag shows and the entertainment they provide. For a more relaxing gay-friendly getaway, visiting the Banana Spa or the Adams Apple Male Massage will for sure award you with unforgettable sensations and calm your senses. Amoaras Spa and Coco Grande Spa are also available as gay-friendly hotspots to flirt around or just enjoy the therapeutical treatments in relatively affordable prices.

Be sure to stay away from the usage of illegal substances because if you are caught, the punishment is as severe as a death sentence!

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Gay Tips

Seminyak is the gay center of Bali featuring a high level of LGBT acceptance, while also being the most popular gay hotspot for gay travellers on the island. The locals are generally very friendly, while there are slightly more open-minded than other parts of Bali as well.

The gay scene of Bali is concentrated in Seminyak making it one of the most popular gay hotspots on the island. The gay scene in Seminyak is pretty intense including several gay venues like gay bars, gay saunas, massage shops, while there is also very popular gay beach nearby.

Some of the most popular gay hotspots in Seminyak are Bali Joe, Mixwell Bar, Facebar Bali, Bottoms Up Bar, KU DE TA Bali, Potato Head Beach Club Bali, Koh club, Coco Grande Spa Seminyak, teMAN Spa, and the gay beach Batu Belig.

There are several exclusively gay guest houses in Seminyak where you will be able to stay in a friendly place with open-minded atmosphere and other gay visitors. There is also a wide diversity of gay-friendly hotels and resorts, which offer a friendly atmosphere, privacy, as well as advanced services.

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