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Kalutara Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Kalutara for Food lovers


What and Where to eat in Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Kalutara is located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka and is considered as a proud historical heritage. It is also known for producing the Mangosteens, a delicious tropical fruit that can be also used for medical purposes. As part of the Southern region the dishes there are usually spicier and hotter, while their food menus always have a touch of seafoods. 

Sri Lanka is one of the pearls of the Indian Ocean and it is called ''Rice and Curry'' for a reason. The locals use mainly products like coconut and jackfruit as a source of proteins, while seafood and spices are practically components of their everyday recipes as they specialise in delivering an abundance of incredible dishes overflowing with cultural heritage and rich flavours. 

The must-try dishes in Kalutara and generally Sri Lanka are

  • Fish Ambul Thiyal (sour fish curry) - it is one of the most favoured one of the big variety of curries available in this destination. Usually made from tuna which is blended with many spices and cooked till it dries.
  • Kuhul Mas Curry (chicken curry) - a common dish that is strongly spiced by chill powder, curry powder, turmeric and many more traditional ones. The chicken is soaked with coconut oil then stewed and served with rice.
  • Hoppers ( bowl shaped pancakes) - are made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. Cooked in small round pans, they tend to come out crispy round the edges and thicker at the bottom.
  • Wambatu Moju (eggplant/pickle) - is an extremely flavoured  eggplant pickle which is first deep fried with a crispy texture and after caramelised. You will find it usually on your table served with rice and curry.

Local restaurants like Fresh Lobsters Sea Food, Red Lobster & Tours and Dima Delicacy provide some of the best seafood that will make your mouth watery just by entering the eateries. Be sure to try every dish because you will not find the same delicacies anywhere else.

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Food Tips

There are many hotels with restaurant in Kalutara which offer cooking classes and special dining experiences like in-room private meals or even romantic dinners by the beach.

When in Kalutara, do not miss to try the exotic fruit mangosteen, a purple, sweet, and tangy fruit known for its fine tasting.

One of the must try dishes in Kalutara is the fresh lobster meal. Being a beach resort town, Kalutara is especially known for its mouth-watering seafood.

Travel Info

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  • Hiking
  • Art & culture

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  • City

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