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Sanremo Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Sanremo for Gay travellers


Gay Holidays in Sanremo, Liguria

Sanremo,  known as a tourist destination on the Italian Riviera, is a gay-friendly city & the gay acceptance is at pretty high levels. The area is best for couples rather than singles, due to the beautiful nature of the city and lack of gay nightlife to meet new people. Gay culture is usually discreet in this area due to the heavy presence of the Vatican, but many gay locals still use apps like Tinder and Grindr to meet others. The best period to visit would be early summer from April to July to capitalize on the beautiful weather before it gets overwhelmingly hot. You can find unique hotels for Sanremo here!

The best hotels for gay travellers in Sanremo

Sanremo is not a big enough LGBTQ+ tourist destination to have gay-only hotels but there are still gay-friendly ones. Check out our Hotel List for our favourite gay-friendly hotels in Sanremo!

The best places to visit for gay travellers in Sanremo

Sanremo is a resort town with beautiful culture and mannerism, reasonable prices, and stunning medieval architecture. VIsiting Sanremo's Old Town is beautiful, especially wandering around the narrow streets and admiring their medieval patterns. Walking along the paths can lead you to Santuario Madonna della Costa, a church in Italy with a magnificent view of the lush gardens in old Sanremo and the city. On the other side of the town, there's the Piazza San Siro, a centerpiece in the town. For other places, Morgana Bay is an amazing place with great seafood restaurants and place to view the sea. There are also a ton of family restaurants that are reasonably priced with exceptional service who enjoy serving tourists and customers. Glam Restaurant Sanremo Villa Noseda is a local favourite, with delicious seafood platters that are drool-worthy. Ristorante Pizzeria Napule is a delicious pizza parlor considered the "fast food" by locals.

Book now to have a peaceful, secluded, and serene getaway to the beautiful Sanremo.

Gay Tips

The gay scene of Sanremo is completely unorganised, and there are not any gay venues in the city. However, the majority of the local bars and clubs in Sanremo are gay-friendly.

Keep in mind that most of the beaches of Sanremo feature a gay-friendly atmosphere, while there are also isolated spots where you will be able to enjoy all the privacy and seclusion you may need.

Sanremo is particularly popular with gay families and gay couples, as it offers excellent relaxation opportunities in the unique Italian nature. Gay adventure and nature lovers will also love Sanremo!

The locals are very friendly supporting the gay community as well. A discreet behavior is recommended in public.

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 What can I find in this Gay Travel Guide ?

Our Travel by Interest Experts have created this dedicated gay travel guide, to help you easily plan your next gay holidays and discover all the places you want to see and all the things you want to do. You can find here the top gay bars, gay events, and other gay hots-pots, as well as gay-friendly Hotels to stay!

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