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Cebu Island Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Cebu Island for Food lovers


Food and Dining in Cebu

Cebu, the oldest city in the Philippines, is one of the top culinary destinations in the archipelagic country of Southeast Asia. Even though the islands of the Philippines are not popular as a food paradise and especially for offering healthy and vegetarian cuisine, in Cebu City, you will find a stunning diversity of food options.

The city provides you with a plethora of restaurants offering traditional Filipino dishes as well as international flavours ranging from Mexican to Chinese to American to Italian and much more while a few vegan options are also available. Moreover, Cebu’s shopping malls are known for featuring interesting food courts with large a variety of restaurants offering international and local cuisine, and diverse fast food outlets.

The local cuisine of Cebu is actually a mix of Chinese, Malay, Spanish and American flavours. While rice is a staple food of Filipino cuisine and comes in various forms topped with several ingredients, from spicy curry to exotic coconut.

Famous food dishes in the Philippines that you will find in various restaurants in Cebu are Camaron Rebosado, which is the Filipino version of tempura, and Tinola, chicken in ginger soup. While one of the most popular must-try dishes especially in Cebu is the pork dish Lechon which even though you will find it everywhere in the Philippines, Cebu is known for offering its most tasty version. As for Cebu’s street food, you will find almost everywhere the strange yet tasty Tuslob Buwa which is cooked rice mixed with a sauce made of cooked pig’s brain or liver, fish sauce, onions and seasonings.

In this Cebu Food Guide, you will find the best hotels with restaurants in Cebu offering delicious breakfast and gastronomic delights, and the best restaurants to taste the best of Filipino and international Cuisine!

The best Hotels and Beach Resorts with Restaurants in Cebu

The sophisticated city of Cebu has an excellent collection of hotels with upscale restaurants offering gourmet pleasures combined with stunning city and sea views. Offering Asian and international breakfasts along with delicious lunches and dinners ranging from Filipino to international dishes, the food hotels in Cebu have everything on offer.

Just a few kilometres from Cebu City you will find the coral island of Mactan which is separated from Cebu by the Mactan Channel, crossed by two bridges. Many travellers tend to combine their holidays in Cebu with excursions to nearby Mactan since the island boasts of a diverse collection of tourist spots, attractions, and beach resorts with delectable dining options.

Where to eat in Cebu

The historical Colon Street not only is known as the oldest and the shortest national road in the Philippines but also for having an excellent collection of restaurants offering traditional Filipino as well as international cuisine including Indian, Italian and French. There you will also find Chowking a popular Philippine-based fast food chain with Chinese food menu.

Foodies looking for eating like local should not miss visiting the Carbon Market, the oldest and largest farmer’s market in Cebu City. It is a major tourist attraction offering souvenirs, handicrafts as well as cheap and tasty foods including flame-grilled chicken kebabs, meatballs and grilled banana.

Moreover, the large shopping mall of Ayala Center has many fast foods serving international and local pleasures as well as high-quality dining restaurants with extensive menus. While the business IT Park has a large collection of restaurants ranging from casual dining and bars to cafes, fast foods and quick bites.

All these places and more can be find below.

Food Tips

The most popular food you must try in Cebu is “Lechon”. It is a whole roasted pig usually seasoned with traditional herbs and spices. Rico's Lechon is one of the best restaurants where you can taste it!

For cakes and pastries do not miss to visit La Marea in Cebu City, and taste the delicious Brownie Cup that comes in flavours like blueberry and white chocolate.

Cebu City is one of the top gastronomic areas in the Philippines hosting international skilled chefs that run fine-dining restaurants in the island.

One of the most renowned chefs in Cebu is the Australian chef Steve Shrimski of Canvas Bistro Bar Gallery and Circa 1900 restaurant.

Ayala Center Cebu, Sm City Cebu, SM Seaside City, and the Terraces are some of the best places in Cebu Island offering plentiful shopping, entertainment, and dining options.

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