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Canary Islands Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Canary Islands for Food lovers


Canary Islands- a gastronomic experience in Spain

The Canarian Islands is a collaboration of seven islands and is considered a top class destination when it comes to wine enthusiasts. Their unique cuisine was influenced thru the years by many cultures such as Latin America, the Guanches (natives) and many more. Each island has a different nature when it comes to traditions and cuisine, yet all of them are oriented on tourism and hold large production lines of bananas, wines sugar cones and exotic fruits.

Bananas are considered as a main ingredient in the canarios diet, while it is often served friend or made in tarts, served with rice eggs or meat sauce. The sub-tropical climate of the islands has varied glebe and volcanic landscapes, creating this way the perfect grounds for vineyards. The famous sweet wine Malmsey is produced in Lanzarote in the volcanic fields and is the pride of these lands.

All the recipes of the Canaria Islands are mostly age-old and traditional ones practiced by modern restaurants for the purpose of creating fresh and authentic dishes and delivering a fine dining experience submerged in quality. The most known recipes are the papas arrugades (stew), mojo sauces, sancocho canarios (fish), tapas and bienmesabe (almond cream). Every flavour is unique and delightful.

Top venues for exquisite dishes are scattered all over the islands but are worth looking for if you are eager to try them. Some of the best  ones are Casa Tagoro,Tasca Tiernas del Sur, Restaurante Grill Toro Bravo, Casa Rafa Restaurant de Mar and Mana 264. Each of them offer original dining experiences garnished with traditions and festive atmosphere. 

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Food Tips

Regarding the gastronomy of Canary Islands, what counts more is simplicity. Local cooking is characterised by utterly simple methods and ingredients. One of the main ingredients found in the majority of the local dishes is gofio.

Gofio is roasted maize or wheat meal, and is usually served at breakfast, but also as an accompaniment to island stews. Moreover gofio is used in a special variety of local nougat. Another typical feature of Canary cuisine are "mojos" - piquant sauces served with the majority of local dishes.

Fish is a vital component of the dishes of all islands and the Canary Islands could not be an exception. Fish here has an excellent quality, and you can taste all the popular varieties, such as wreckfish, damselfish, dentex, sea bass, white sea bream, bogue, mackerel and most importantly, parrot fish.

A rather important element of Canary Islands gastronomy, making the locals proud for this inherited treasure, is their cheeses. Over a decade, Canary Island cheeses have been awarded numerous times, while in the area there is the higher production and consumption of goat cheese. 

What distinguishes the cheeses produced in the Canary Islands is the diet of the animals, which consists of a vast variety of local plants. As such, every cheese tastes differently and has a unique flavour, unrivalled by most of the cheeses you have tried in your life.

The climate in the Canary Islands is very different to the Spanish mainland. This makes it perfect for the cultivation of certain types of fruit which could be qualified as tropical. Banana is the most representative product of the islands.

There are many other varieties of fruits which are also very popular, and which are a strong characteristic in the gastronomy of the islands: papaya, melon pear, peach, mango, avocado and pineapple are some of the fruits that the traveller can find in the Canary Islands and taste them fresh or cooked in popular local dishes.

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