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Switzerland Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Switzerland for Food lovers


Delicious Culinary journeys in Switzerland

With mountainous resort towns perfect for skiing holidays, cosmic lakes, and hearty Swiss cuisine, Switzerland is a top destination in Europe for indulging in delicious feasts.

Must-try Swiss dishes in Switzerland

The Swiss fondue is Switzerland's most world-known dish, served in many ski resorts such as those in St. Moritz and Zermatt. While Rösti, a potato dish, is a national delicacy that you will taste almost everywhere in Switzerland. Another popular food to eat in Switzerland is the official dish Zürcher Geschnetzeltes which has its roots in Zurich and it is actually veal cooked in a delicious creamy mushroom sauce.

Restaurants in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a vast variety of eateries, ranging from Michelin-star restaurants to bistros and brasseries to international cuisine or traditional style quaint restaurants for all tastes and demands. 

Let’s dive into the most popular culinary destinations in Switzerland!


Boasting a plethora of dining options, ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants and outstanding hotel dining, elegant eateries with lakeside views to picturesque sidestreet cafés and rustic bars, serving affordable and delicious meals, Geneva is among the top culinary destinations in Switzerland!

St. Moritz

One of the Alps' first winter resorts, St. Moritz, boasts some of the best restaurants in Switzerland. The Engadin St. Moritz region has a thriving dining scene with Michelin-star restaurants and rustic eateries catering to your needs with delicious Swiss and international dishes along with stunning views as a backdrop.

Matterhorn, Zermatt

The Matterhorn Mountain in Zermatt is the most photographed one in the world and Switzerland's most famous Alpine peak and a must-visit place in Switzerland. This Swiss ski resort boasts also an excellent collection of world-class restaurants, including two Michelin-starred restaurants and nearly 17 restaurants that have been awarded by the France restaurant guide Gault Millau.


Known for serving great sticks, mouthwatering chocolates, and high prices, the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is a culinary destination for every foodie having a rich dining scene with numerous food events, street food options, gourmet restaurants, bistros, and cafés. 

In this Switzerland Food Guide, you will find the best dining settings and fascinating hotels with restaurants in Switzerland!

For more hotels, you can also check our amazing Hotel collections for Switzerland!

The best dining hotels in Switzerland

Set within mountainous resort towns, lively cities, and vast lakes, hotels with restaurants, and ski resort hotels with dining settings, welcome you to a delectable journey in Switzerland.

The Swiss hotels with restaurants in Geneva and Zurich cater to your needs with sumptuous breakfast buffets showcasing local cheeses and the freshest vegetables, and fruits. While in the resort towns of St. MoritzAdelboden and Zermatt mountainous hotels with restaurants pride themselves for their gourmet restaurants, fireplace lounges, excellent service, and dining settings with the Alps on the backdrop.

Whichever ski resort town, city, or lakeside village you visit in Switzerland, you will be treated to the local Swiss specialties of each area along with the warm hospitality of the Swiss people, and exceptional cozy and comfy rooms. While the outstanding and diverse natural beauty that spread all over the country ensures unforgettable yet delicious holidays in Switzerland.

Find below the best 5-star hotels with Michelin-star restaurantsboutique hotels with rustic dining settings, and fantastic ski resorts in Switzerland offering rich breakfasts, delectable lunches, and dinners, and warm drinks by the fireplace.

The Top Places in Switzerland for Food Travelers

The city of Zurich and Geneva are known for hosting some of the most delectable gourmet restaurants and Michelin-star restaurants in Switzerland. While the ski resort towns of St. MoritzZermatt, and Adelboden also boast a plethora of fine-dining restaurants, rustic bistros, and cafes.

Here you will find top-notch restaurants, cozy eateries, and popular places for food enthusiasts around Switzerland’s big cities and charming villages.

Food Tips

The most beloved ingredients in Switzerland, which are heavily consumed in many different ways and recipes, are cheese, meat and chocolate.

Switzerland produces a wide range of different cheeses for all tastes and preferences. Either soft, semi-soft, hard, fresh, cave-aged, creamy or dry, light or strong-flavored, one thing is for sure: local Swiss cheese can be found nowhere else.

As for the meat, which is another Swiss speciality, this can be found in many types from dry and smoked to cured and crude. The variety of meats includes sausages like “cervelat”, “bratwurst”, “schublig” and “saucisson vaudois”, different kind of bacon and ham and the popular types of cured meat from the region of Grisons.

When it comes to chocolate, the world-renowned Swiss chocolates is the best dessert, coming in a wide range of types, such as dark or milk chocolate, mixed with fruits, nuts or even chilly.

Switzerland offers a vast variety of eateries, ranging from bistros and brasseries to international cuisine or traditional style quaint restaurants for all tastes and demands.

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